Special Message from the CEO

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WELCOME TO RESTAURANT.COM! Welcome to We are Kenneth Chessick, MD, JD, the CEO and a creator of in 1999, and Aaron Horowitz, President. Your certificate… Read More »

3 Amazing Ways to Honor Our Veterans

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There are millions of heroes among us, every day. This Veterans Day, the United States will have more than 23 million living veterans, from World War II to… Read More »

The Best Fall Beers and Ciders

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With the cold weather approaching, it’s time to ditch the shandies for something a little heartier. Along with a slew of pumpkin selections, autumn also brings seasonal ingredients like cinnamon, apple,… Read More »

First Bites – German Food

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German food dishes offer tons of variety and can be found in every season. With its ample portions and hearty flavors, we’re very happy German restaurants are popping… Read More »

7 Restaurant Trends to Taste in 2016

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We know 2016 is half over, but its restaurants trends are still kicking! How many have you tried so far? Before the year is over, satisfy your trends buds… Read More »

Shake Up Your Order with Sweet and Savory Waffles

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We’re not knocking waffles covered in butter and maple syrup, but this edition of the Dish is dedicated to waffle toppings, flavors and sandwiches. And, we’re also letting… Read More »

FirstBites – Mexican Food

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What would you consider to be quality, authentic Mexican food? This edition of FirstBites is dedicated to finding the real Slim Shady of Mexican cuisine (which shall henceforth be known… Read More »

Top Dining Hacks to Try

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We love to dine out and know that you do too. But sometimes it’s inevitable that you find yourself in certain dilemmas at a restaurant. Here’s our top dining hacks… Read More »

Beer & Food Pairing: A Beginner’s Guide

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There is no better time to learn about and try different beers than under the summer sun. Whether you’re grilling out for a barbecue or watching the ball… Read More »

Sip Tips: Frozen Wine

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This summer try the latest wine trend, frozen wine. Wine is often thought of a sophisticated drink, but it can also be fun with these tasty frozen variations.