The giving season is here and if you’re anything like me, you probably have a lot more shopping to do! I really struggle this time of year because there are so many special people in my life to whom I want to give gifts, but finding the “right” gift is sometimes a challenge. And then there are the people in my life that are certainly deserving of a gift, but (regrettably) don’t always make my list right away – whether it’s due to a restricted budget or simply because they weren’t top-of-mind during my shopping excursion.

Some gifts are obvious, such as the stainless steel tools my dad has been hinting at since last Christmas, and the purse my mom has had her eye on since the Spring collection was revealed. But what about the others?

I got to thinking while I was out to dinner with friends one night that everyone needs to eat, and everyone LOVES to eat. Why not spread holiday cheer with Gift Cards? They make perfect gifts for the people in your life you interact with all year round, but may not think to give gifts to.

Here are the top 10 people for whom Gift Cards are the perfect gift:

Extended Family – Haven’t seen your cousins in a while? Maybe you even forgot their names? (just kidding!) Treat them to a nice meal out while they’re in town visiting for the holidays.

Friends – Maybe you can dine out together and catch up on all the drama (good drama of course) in each others’ lives.

Co-workers – This is a nice way to say “thank you“ and “you deserve a night out” for helping me finish that huge project.

Neighbors – I believe in being friendly with neighbors. You never know when you’ll need to borrow flour, sugar, or jumpstart your car.

Teachers – This is the perfect gift for teachers who already have a plethora of apple ornaments, apple paperweights, and apple-scented candles.

Bus Driver – Your child’s bus driver will surely appreciate a meal out during his or her holiday break.

Hair Stylist/Barber – Give a gift card as a bonus for your special holiday hairdo.

Mailman – Give your mailman a nice surprise in your mailbox. Instead of delivering to others, he or she will be thrilled to receive a gift.

Dry Cleaner – All of those freshly pressed shirts are certainly worthy of a holiday thank you.

Housekeeper – Give your house keeper a night out and assign the clean up to someone else for a change.

Who in your life would enjoy receiving a Gift Card?