Summer is the best time of the year to take advantage of fun activities for the entire family. Check out our five favorite activities for some inspiration!

We compiled a few of our favorite ideas from previous Dish posts and some new ones … here! 

1. Create a scavenger hunt.

This can be done for all ages and could be incorporated with chores too. Make a chart they have to check off to receive a reward or something at the end. Maybe it is TV time that they get or you take them out to a movie. On the chart you could ask them to find something in the house, sort their socks, give mom a kiss, etc. Just make sure to make it fun and not include too many chores.

scavenger hunt

2. Want to go out of town?

Swap houses with a friend! We always say that we wish that we lived in Florida, Chicago, New York, etc. Well, why not think about asking a friend if they’d like to swap houses for a few days? It’ll get you free housing for your vacation and you’ll be able to use the saved money on local entertainment!

swap houses

3. Catch a Drive-In Movie.

Relive the nostalgia and simplicity of seeing a movie at a drive-in theater. Your kids will have the opportunity to catch a blockbuster hit, or big screen classics from your youth underneath the stars. Many drive-ins also allow you to pack your own summertime snacks and beverages, so you’ll be saving at the same time.

drive in

 4. Visit a park you’ve never gone to.

Going to the park is great activity where everyone can breathe some fresh air, explore the wilderness, and exercise. But, going to the same park can get redundant, and the the kids will get bored. Find a park in your area that you’ve never visited before where new adventure awaits!


 5Try camping!

I know lots of families who save money by camping somewhere warm. It’s a ton of fun for the kids and bringing extra marshmallows to roast on sticks is all the evening entertainment you need.



Tell us one thing you’ve been meaning to try this summer in the comments below!