August 4 is President Barack Obama’s 52nd birthday. In celebration of our commander in chief being another year older, Restaurant.com would like to spotlight some of the president’s executive (food) orders and dining preferences.

Barack and Michelle Obama have long advocated a lifestyle of healthy eating, nutrition and exercise.  Recently at the first lady’s “Kids’ State Dinner,” President Obama acknowledged broccoli is his favorite food.  The president loves his broccoli steamed in particular, according to a 2008 New York Times interview with his former personal aide and special assistant Reggie Love. The first lady is also on record saying the first family loves to eat Mexican food items like guacamole and nachos. When President Obama orders a pizza, he prefers a healthier version, favoring vegetable toppings over meat. And despite his Chicago ties, POTUS enjoys thin crust.

As a man always on the run and with perhaps the busiest schedule in the country, President Barack Obama is a bona fide snacker.  Our 44th president prefers healthier snack items like Planters trail mix and MET-Rx chocolate-roasted peanut protein bars.  Personal aide and special assistant Love used to keep with him a list of snack food preferences for the president which included almonds, pistachios, spinach and raisins. That list highlighted some of the president’s dislikes as well, including mayonnaise, salt and vinegar potato chips and asparagus.

As for beverages, President Obama is not much of a coffee fan, but he does like to drink water and tea. The president has a documented taste for Honest Ade Black Forest Berry Tea, a hard-to-find flavor in the line of Bethesda, Maryland-produced bottled organic teas.

President Obama doesn’t always favor a nutritious diet however (who does?), and his love for wings, barbecue and cheeseburgers is well documented. For the president’s 50th Birthday BBQ at the White House in 2011, the food spread featured grilled chicken, ribs, burgers, pasta, hot dogs and salad eaten in the famous Rose Garden. For dessert, attendees had their choice of peach, apple, huckleberry and cherry pies, and of course, birthday cake.

Perhaps more than any other first family in the history of the White House, the Obama family likes to dine out regularly. The Obamas have been photographed and seen at a slew of restaurants across the country and have made headlines for visiting fancy and family-friendly establishments alike.

In 2010, the president traveled to his hometown of Chicago to dine at one of the city’s trendiest upscale restaurants, Graham Elliot, where he dined with Oprah Winfrey and a handful of other friends. Last year in October, the first couple celebrated their 20th anniversary with dinner at Bourbon Steak, a restaurant located in the Four Seasons Georgetown. While the president’s and first lady’s food orders were undisclosed, they had their choice from a spread of Wagyu beef steaks, lobster pot pie and other finely prepared meals.

Our president certainly has a bit of a sweet tooth, too. Despite being photographed eating ice cream on numerous occasions, the president has said that he lost his appetite for the creamy treat for some time following his teenage job at Baskin-Robbins in Hawaii. Sweet treats that have always made the president’s list, however, include Fran’s Chocolates Salted Caramels, cake and pies (buttermilk pies in particularly).

Although Mrs. Obama boasts the most culinary talent in the first family (Barack has praised the quality of FLOTUS’ shrimp linguini dish), the president isn’t afraid to claim a bowl of chili as his own signature dish. Perfecting his recipe since his days in college, smoked chili is a potluck favorite of President Obama. As told to a national audience on Good Morning America, the president’s recipe includes chopped onion, green pepper, cloves of garlic and tomatoes; olive oil and red wine vinegar; ground cumin, oregano, turmeric, basil and chili powder; kidney beans and ground turkey or beef.

Which of President Obama’s favorite foods do you most enjoy? Would you prefer to try some of President Obama’s chili or Michelle’s linguini? Tell us in the comments section below.