The work week can get a tad monotonous from time to time – wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV, eat dinner, go to bed, repeat.  If you feel like your Monday-Friday routine can get a little repetitive and your evenings are a blur of the same old sitcoms, you don’t have to wait till the weekend to deviate from the norm!  Try throwing a fun weeknight dinner out into the mix!

Now, admittedly, I am not much of a cook.  So, dining out during the week can at times be a necessity rather than just for pleasure in my case, but this surplus of experience with weeknight dining has led me to truly appreciate the difference a trip to a restaurant Monday-Thursday can have on your week.

Maybe you didn’t get to the grocery store over the weekend, maybe you are sick and
tired of doing dishes, or maybe you just want a change of scenery – no matter the impetus for a mid-week restaurant stop, you will enjoy a myriad of benefits once you get there.

Going out to eat with friends or family gives you the chance to really enjoy both your food and your company, without worrying about cooking or cleaning up.  More importantly, it takes your mind off of the grind of the work week.  You are out and about enjoying yourself rather than idling at home, bracing for the workday to come tomorrow. You might get to bed a little later than usual, but odds are you’ll feel refreshed and a little perkier when you arrive at your desk the next day.  You might even find yourself thinking, “wow, this week went fast!”  Even one night of changing up your routine can have that effect.

Often, restaurants will have weeknight deals to attract customers who normally stick to Fridays and Saturdays for their dining excursions, so you might be pleasantly surprised with the specials during the week.  Weeknights are also the perfect opportunity to try trendier or newer restaurants that typically have a long wait or require reservations on the weekend.  Stop by on a Tuesday and you may be able to get right in!

Weeknights are also a great time to support locally owned and operated restaurants that would appreciate new customers during non-peak times. Plus, you might get a chance to find out about the restaurant’s history or meet the owner/manager!  This is also a great opportunity to snap up a Gift Certificate and lend your support to that family-owned Italian favorite around the corner. They could be a great option for the next time you get a Tuesday craving for lasagna!

Having trouble meeting up with a friend because your weekend schedules are packed?  Plan a mid-week meal.  It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up without worrying about scheduling around the weddings, out of town visitors or kids sporting events that eat up weekend time.

My home-cooking menu of Ramen noodles might make me biased, but I can’t emphasize enough the positives of dining out during the week.  I have fun that night, and that always puts me in a good mood the next day.  Tell us, do you have a favorite night of the week to dine out?