Back-to-school shopping is an exhausting and expensive adventure. From the cost of school supplies, backpacks, and new clothes, to the cost of sports and school activities, every family’s budget deserves a break. What better way to celebrate the completion of back-to-school shopping (until notebooks fill up, pencils break and pens go missing) than leaving the post-shopping dinner cleanup to someone else!

Jan Leasure, of Jan’s Super Saver Survival, has great advice for hungry back-to-school shoppers:

          “Back to School and the smell of chalk, crayons and fall are in the air! As a mom
and former teacher, I know that nothing beats the excitement of a new school year,
discount school supplies and family camaraderie! But what’s in it for me? Shopping
for school supplies at a discount is rewarding, but exhausting! I reward myself by
going directly from shopping for school supplies to a local restaurant where I treat
myself and my school supply shoppers to a great dinner at a discount by slapping
down my gift certificate! This year’s school supply dinner rewarded
my crew AND me with dinner and a glass of wine (for me) at more than 50 percent
off at the Last Chance Saloon in Grayslake, Ill.! Thank you, and
Last Chance Saloon!”

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