Blog_FoodMarch is over, but the madness has just begun at  We’ve taken the game from the court to the kitchen and pitted four food finalists, inspired by the remaining basketball teams, against each other in the battle for flavor fame.  Since these foods won’t be hitting the floor for a game, YOU decide which dish comes out on top.

That’s not all – each food is linked to a secret sale.  Your votes determine which deal gets unlocked!  Be sure to check the results on April 8 so you can pick up a certificate to go out and watch the championship game that night!

Let’s meet the players.

Buffalo wings (a nod to Syracuse orange and the school’s proximity to Buffalo, N.Y.) sure know how to dunk and handily defeated Marquette’s bratwurst in the last round, while Kentucky barbeque for Louisville surely is the best dribbler in the tournament.  Wichita State’s grilled cheese on wheat is a smooth player, but Michigan’s pizza, inspired by the square variety native to Detroit, has a tough edge.

Visit our Facebook page, or click here to vote for the dish you find most delicious (or the meal you think is hiding the best deal!). Then, be sure to check back on Monday, April 8, to get your deal when the secret code is revealed!