b1_A_NYR_bannerCheers to the dining resolutions that Restaurant.com will (try) to live by this year. It’s 2015 – a New Year, a new start. Adapt a few of these (or not), we’re having some fun with delicious dining do’s that we think every diner should abide to.

Make the New Year Rock

If you know what you like, make sure to enjoy it more this year. Popular deals (really, all deals) are back in stock at the beginning of every month. Don’t miss your favorites, check on the first of every month!

Never Dine with a Deal

Seriously, based on what we do at Restaurant.com. This is a must do. Keep that hard earned money close and save before you go out! When you purchase deals with Restaurant.com, you’re ready to enjoy the savings before you even walk in the door of that new favorite restaurant you’ve been dying to try.

Top Spots that Local Diner’s Rate

With the Verified Diner Review program, you know that a restaurant’s rating was granted by diners just like you that live in your local area. And, with most restaurants that tout 4- to 5-star ratings—you know before you go that you won’t be disappointed.

Eat More Pizza. Hey, Why Not?

New Year’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to order pizza. Clearly, somebody knows how to bring in the year right. We say, eat more pizza (whenever you want)!

Take More Chances

With risk comes reward—and if the risk only pays out good things, why not go for it? Sometimes taking a chance can really pay off!

More Instant Gratification

Instant gratification never hurt anyone. Little indulgences here and there are good for you! Whether it’s a slice of heavenly chocolate cake or deals to save instantly from your mobile phone, we say go ahead and indulge in more instant gratification.

Say YES! to New Places (and flavors)

There’s no better day than today to try something new. Have dessert for breakfast, fruit on your pizza—the sky’s the limit!

Keep Away the Winter Blues

Seasonal flavors break you out of that funk. Read here for seasonal fruits, flavors, and drinks that is sure to make any one’s day. Grab a friend, add a movie and make a day of it!