Dining local is delicious, and we’re not just talking about the food! Discover your next favorite restaurant right around the corner from you. Just think about how it feels when you are the first of your friends to discover a great new restaurant, the best local bartender, or the most fabulous tiramisu in your zip code.  Not only have you just found a new favorite hang-out place, but you are now the one that gets to pick the spot on the next time out with friends. 

Here are few other reasons to dine local:

5.  It’s convenient – With rising gas prices, and well, rising EVERYTHING prices, dining local is a great way to cut down on transportation costs. You might love the amazing fried onion appetizer at that chain across town, but why not check out the delicious dishes at the independent restaurant down the street? You’ll save on gas and more importantly, your time.

4.  Family Ties – Think of your community like a great big urban family. When you dine local, it’s like giving Uncle Frank a pat on the back and saying, hey man, I’m glad you’re here.  Showing support for local businesses ensures that the character and quirks that make your town uniquely yours stay intact and thriving. So stop in and meet the owner of the Italian spot down the street over a delicious meal. You’ll feel like family in no time!

3. Get Fresh – Independently owned restaurants are much more likely to get their supplies from local growers than chain restaurants. This means the produce and meat used to make your meal are going to be fresher (read: more delicious). Not only will the natural flavors of your meal be THAT MUCH BETTER, but you’re also helping to support a larger circle of local farmers and businesses.  Let’s be honest, a tomato that was picked 3 days ago tastes way better than one that’s been on a truck for three weeks.

2.  Delicious Discoveries – You know that awesome feeling you get when you discover the NEXT BIG THING before all your friends? Finding a fabulous local restaurant is kind of like that. You’ve probably driven by your new favorite place to dine 100 times on your way home. It’s about time you stop in and see what you’ve been missing. We’ll let you decide how long you keep the newest hot spot to yourself before sharing it with friends. Let’s be honest, you’re kind of a big deal.

1. You can dine for less! The majority of the 18,000+ restaurants on Restaurant.com are independently owned restaurants, which means you can grab a Gift Certificate for a great meal near you and save while you dine.

Share a local restaurant that has become your favorite local dining spot in the comments below and find a Dish Mob near you today!