shutterstock_130868654bWhich came first, the chicken or the egg? In 2014, we have an answer to that question. According to President and CMO Christopher Krohn’s 2014 Food Trend Predictions, eggs will play a leading role on restaurant menus in the year ahead.

Eggs are exceedingly versatile, and we’re not just talking about scrambled, fried, poached or sunny-side up. Eggs have been basic kitchen staples for years, but got a bad rap after years on the “unhealthy” list due to high levels of cholesterol. Fortunately for yolk-loving diners, that theory has flown the coop: recent researched has revealed that cholesterol may not be as bad as previously thought, opening restaurants up to experiment.

Long relegated to the breakfast menu, take a moment to look and you’ll notice eggs are everywhere, from lunch and dinner to drinks. Here areshutterstock_142983010 some of our favorite dishes for diners looking to get a taste of this trend:

Fried Eggs on Everything – Fried eggs can complement a number of dishes, from burgers to club sandwiches and even French fries. Many burger joints have begun offering fried eggs as a regular topping, but even those that don’t will have this staple on hand and can easily fry one up to add to your meal.

Add a Dash of Protein – Eggs pack plenty of protein, and can be sprinkled into dishes like stir fry and salad to give a meal some extra substance. Some entrees, like Korean Bibimbap, Chilaquiles and even some pasta creations count eggs as their key ingredient rather than meat.

shutterstock_83706415Eggs in Drinks – It might not sound appetizing, but raw egg whites are back at the bar. Prohibition-style bars are trending of late, and egg whites are used to add texture, volume and froth when shaken into beverages. While this trend might be a bit more difficult to find at a local greasy spoon, if you’re lucky to spot a Gin Fizz or Pisco Sour on the drink menu, we highly recommend ordering one up!

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