Hey moms! Do your kids get antsy after 20 minutes in a restaurant, turning a relaxing meal into a stressful, ticking time bomb? Well, I’m here to keep those kiddos occupied so you can enjoy your meal—and maybe even a glass of wine! Here are some great in-restaurant ideas to keep kids of all ages engaged:

1. Tabletop Tic Tac Toe This game is an easy entertainer and depending on how competitive your kids are, can keep them going for quite awhile! The best part: all of your supplies are already on your table!

2. Color Elfredo

Hey, I know I’m a handsome elf, but I could always use some more color! Click on the images to the right to print out the PDFs before you grab the kids and go. Chances are the restaurant will have the crayons already. Make it a contest for the kids—the one the server chooses as their favorite gets dessert! (Of course, all the kids would probably end up with dessert, but I bet this gets the kids trying their hardest!)









3. Prepare Snowflakes

Not all moms want to drag the utensils needed to cut and perfect a paper snowflake. So, why not work ahead? Bring blank sheets of white paper to the restaurant and have the kids color them to their little hearts content. Or, just bring a scissors, fold away and make a few cuts. Even get a side of alfredo sauce if you’re feeling adventurous! 🙂 Then, gather them and bring them home for a continued activity of cutting the snowflakes and decorating them with the messy stuff like glitter and paint. Here’s an easy how-to from Wiki-How.

4. Get the Whole Family Involved!

Bring a deck of cards and play War or Gin Rummy as a family. Don’t want to lug around any extra cargo? Then play I Spy or What’s Missing from the Table. Getting the whole family in on the game is quality time together—and fun!

5. There’s Always Take Out

Did you know that many of the Restaurant.com restaurants accept dining certificates for take out, delivery or catering orders? Call first to make sure the restaurant you choose will take your dining certificate.

On these chilly winter nights, I know my favorite thing is curling up with a nice warm blanket, a pizza and a side of alfredo (gotta dip that crust!).