Contemporary dining would likely confuse an ancient Roman or Greek.  Three meals a day was unheard of to those great philosophers, merchants, warriors and athletes. Ancient Romans usually ate one square meal a day around noon and the Greeks ate two meals a day at most.

Clearly, things have changed.  Caesar didn’t have to battle rush hour traffic and Socrates wasn’t worried about squeezing a nutritious dinner in between school, soccer practice and homework.  They would, however, probably have appreciated a great deal on that one meal of the day.

Lucky for you, dining has evolved since then, and so have our deals. has removed many of the restrictions we previously placed on our certificates and made some recent enhancements to program.  We’ve created the most fully evolved, flexible deal available for the modern diner. The possibilities for you to dine and save are limitless, whether you feel like breakfast at midnight on Saturday, or lunch at 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

Full Disclosure

We do have a few rules that apply to all of our certificates.  They are easy to remember and aren’t too much hassle.  Plus, they ensure the restaurant’s success on our program which improves the experience for everyone.  Each certificate includes a minimum purchase and some restaurants may exclude some days of the week the specifics for each certificate are noted on the search results page and the restaurant page. Also, these deals cannot be combined with other offers at the restaurant and can only be used one per table, per restaurant, per month.

Some restaurants also may choose to exclude delivery orders or ask that you use the certificate when you dine-in.

You also have the power to tip what you choose, as we’ve removed the mandatory 18 percent gratuity requirement (but we still recommend tipping on the full, pre-discount total as a courtesy to hard-working servers.)


Choose What to Use

We offer certificates in a variety of price points to match almost any meal plan or budget. If you don’t feel like spending $50 or $100 dollars for a fancy dinner, pick up a $5, $10 or $15 certificate that can be used for lunch or a casual dinner for two. Plus, if you buy a certificate for your favorite sushi joint and suddenly find yourself wanting a fully cooked meal, you’re still in luck. It only takes a few minutes to exchange your gift certificate for another restaurant – no questions asked!

Take Us With You and go Paperless

Do you feel like a marathon runner, always on the run? has no problem keeping up.  Download our mobile application for iOS or Android devices and take our deals along wherever you go. You can find and purchase restaurant deals near you right from your smartphone or tablet.  Just hit “deals near me” and a handy map with participating restaurants in your area will appear.  To help prevent you from getting lost, our app has built-in mapping and directions. Then, with just a few taps you can use the certificate at the restaurant right on your phone. You’ll be enjoying a delicious discount – no matter what time hunger strikes. continues to evolve.  Tell us what other improvements you’d like to see in the comments section below!