After a long day of work, shuttling the kids to camp, sports, and events—do you ever find yourself saying, “I don’t have the energy and time to cook tonight?” Or maybe cleaning is one your least favorite activities in the world and you can’t get the urge to tidy up the kitchen… again!

For every excuse you can think of to get out of making a meal, there’s a way to make it less painful – dine out with a Certificate! We’re inviting you to share your “Excuses to Dine Out” with us on social media using the hashtag  #ExcusesToDineOut.

Here are some of our favorite “Excuses To Dine Out:” 

1. “JUST CLEANED THE KITCHEN.” If you’ve just spent hours deep cleaning your kitchen, feel free to take a day to admire the heart and center of the home. Let someone else do the cooking and the clean-up. Done with your meal? No problem. Pay your bill and you’re free to take the leftovers home.


2. “JUST GOT A MANICURE.” Finding time (even 10 minutes!) to pamper yourself is most-likely very rare. Cooking a homemade meal shouldn’t be the reason for a chipped nail (or polish).


3. “NO ONE GETS HANGRY.” For one evening, your kids will love the response to your dreaded question “What’s for dinner, Mom?” The entire table can order something different. And the best part – you can pick from everyone’s plate!


4. “ROAD TRIPPIN’.” Road trips are the perfect way to get an up close and personal tour of America’s finest landscapes and diners. Our mobile app is designed to ensure you discover every single savory stop during your travels.