It’s seems like it becomes more and more difficult to have dinner together as a family.  With crazy schedules that include mom working, soccer games and ballet lessons, it seems as if all we do is eat on the go, and if we do eat at home, half the family is missing at the table.

What to do?  One solution is to select one night a week completely devoted to gathering the family and eat together. With all these hectic schedules, eating out means no cooking, no dishes, everyone gets to eat what they want, and it can be quite affordable.  Enter  With thousands of family friendly restaurants to choose from, a family can go out to eat AND save money.

Taking the kids out to dinner allows for an opportunity to try new cuisines, work on table manners and, of course, to catch up with each other.  Do the daily grind and varying schedules for your family occasionally lead to dinnertime indecision? If so, it’s not an issue. You can decide where to dine last minute even while you are out and about and bring up our mobile app on your Smartphone.  If you decide that you need to cancel, it’s not a problem because certificates never expire and can be exchanged at any time.

So, take a deep breath and spend some quality time out with your kids over dinner.  They’ll love it!

How often do you dine out with the whole family? Share your secrets for getting the entire family to one restaurant dinner table in the comments section below.