Pizza is more than just a warm crust with sauce and cheese; in some regions, it’s a work of art. You can find many unique style pizzas from coast to coast that vary in size, style, and toppings. Which of these pizza types are you a fan of?

Pan style

cast iron pizza

People usually think of Chicago deep dish pizza when ordering pan style pizza. Pan style pizza is cooked in a deep pan and on its own has a bit more of a focaccia type of crust. The pizza is thick and heavy, with a soft and doughy layer between the crust and cheese.

Chicago Deep Dish


If you’ve never experienced the cheesy goodness of a Chicago Deep Dish pizza, then you haven’t tried this Midwest staple.  Let’s break down the anatomy of this layered pizza pie.  It’s all about the flaky, buttery crust that is usually two to three inches thick. Next, there are layers of sliced, not shredded mozzarella cheese, followed by toppings of your choice that are piled on high. Unlike, most pizza, this Chicago classic has the signature chunky sauce on top of the toppings, to prevent them from burning during the baking process.  Here’s a fun fact, the first deep dish pizzas were sold in 1943.


Sicilian pizza

The two distinct features of a Sicilian pizza are its shape and size. In the United States, you will typically find Sicilian pizza in a square or rectangle shape, with dough about an 1” thick. The usual toppings are onions, tomatoes, anchovies, oregano and crushed red peppers, with grated caciocavallo cheese on top.

Detroit Square


In a city where working and living in the shadows of the auto industry prevail, was born the Detroit Square pizza. This pizza is very similar to a Sicilian pizza, and touches on the caramelized crust of a Wisconsin style pizza. The Detroit square pizza got its name and shape from the creator who used a leftover blue steel industrial utility tray that just so happened to be square.  Usually cut in 6 thick, square, slices this pizza is great to share a small group of friends.



Originating in Naples, Italy Neapolitan pizza is as simple as you can get when it comes to the traditional pizza. This, thin crust pizza is made from basic ingredient such as pizza dough, raw tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella cheese, usually sprinkled with basil and drizzled with olive oil. Traditionally these small pizzas are made with more than the usual sauce, and less cheese, giving it a defining characteristic of a soggy middle, none the less this pizza is still amazing. If you op to order this pizza, just remember that less is always best when choosing Neapolitan.

New York


Have you ever seen someone roll pizza dough on TV and then throw it up in the air? They are most likely making a New York style pizza. The extra thin and airy crust allows for the pizza to be folded while trying to hold in all of the toppings. A light layer of pizzas sauce is spread across the crust and lightly sprinkled with grated or shredded mozzarella cheese that will be slightly brown when taken out of the oven.  Random fact, most New York style pizzas are made plain (just cheese) and the toppings are usually added after.  If you’re looking for a large slice of thing, cheesy pizza make sure you opt for New York style.


cheese pizza

While Wisconsin isn’t as well known for a certain style of pizza, but if you travel here and order a slice of pizza, you will notice a difference. Wisconsin-style pizzas typically have thinner crusts and topped with, you guessed it, tons and tons of cheese. You will find pizzas loaded with veggie and meat toppings.

What’s your favorite pizza region? If we missed any, comment below and let us know!