Stop, and smell the bacon! The delicious aromas that emit from sizzling bacon are enough to kick-start anyone’s day, but these mouthwatering strips of pork are so versatile that we’re not only seeing them on the breakfast menu – or topped on burgers and sandwiches.

Over the last few years, bacon has become one of America’s most beloved food trends. It appears frequently alongside eggs, waffles, pancakes, but has adapted into cocktails, infused alcohol, and desserts like candy and ice cream! No matter the day or time, thin-cut or thick-cut, smoky, salty or crispy bacon will heighten any meal to the fullest.

Bacon-Inspired Appetizers and Cocktails:

Bacon is all-the-craze and is featured in many breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes to finger-foods and desserts. Restaurants and bars are even serving up bacon-inspired drinks!

  • Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites: Think tater tots; then multiply that by 10! Yes, these little seasoned potatoes of bacon are pure heaven. Enjoy with mayo or ketchup.
  • Bacon Meatballs: Also known as ‘The Best Meatballs You Will Ever Eat.”Whether you order them on a sandwich or a la carte, you will soon be addicted to their tenderness and incredible taste.
  • Chocolate Bacon Martini: Who knew that there was bacon-flavored vodka? We’ve learned bacon’s smokiness brings out the chocolate’s sweetness to serve up one yummy martini. Why not give it a try?
  • The Bakon Mary: It’s not completely uncommon to incorporate bacon into your Bloody Mary. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend getting it any other way! Garnished with your favorite relishes, the Bakon Mary is a staple among bars and restaurants nationwide.

Apple-Bacon Pancakes

Hello, morning – you have never looked so delicious! Pancakes are a family favorite across many regions of the world, and although there are countless ways to enjoy a good ole fashioned flapjack, apple-bacon pancakes are sure to spark a delightful sensory overload. Bacon gives the pancakes a nice overall saltiness, pairing perfectly with the apple’s sweetness, resulting in a great flavorful taste. The perfect combination of pancakes, apples, and bacon turns this standard family favorite into something magnificently delectable!

Apple Bacon Pancakes

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Cinnamon-Pancetta Carbonara

Being Italian, it’s no doubt that pasta is my favorite food. But, pasta paired with bacon is pure bliss. It’s common for most restaurants to incorporate bacon into their dishes for added flavor, and the Cinnamon-Pancetta Carbonara undeniably takes the win. The creamy deliciousness from the Alfredo sauce matched with the sweetness from the cinnamon and hint of spice from the pancetta creates a wonderful aroma that’s simply irresistible. Crisp bacon, sprinkled cinnamon, creamy Parmesan-coated pasta, makes this dish one of my new- found favorites!

Cinnamon-Pancetta Carbonara

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Bacon-Wrapped Filet

Question: What’s better than filet?
Answer: BACON-wrapped filet!
As if filet mignon could NOT get any more delicious, kitchens across the nation propose the idea of wrapping steak with thin slices of bacon. The addition of bacon helps to make the filet juicier and more flavorsome. Topped with a garlic butter sauce, the bacon-wrapped filet is happiness in every bite! Enjoy with a glass of red wine for a complete dining experience.

Bacon Wrapped Filet

Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes

*ATTENTION ALL SWEET LOVERS – these heavenly cupcakes takes dessert to a whole new level.
If you haven’t noticed by now, the saying, ‘Everything tastes better with bacon,” holds its truth. The unique mixture of savory and sweet harmonizes together to produce a mouthwatering, one-of-a-kind cupcake. Key ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla paired with crisp pieces of bacon will put your taste buds in overdrive!

French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes

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What bacon-inspired cocktails, dishes, or desserts do you crave?