This year, with only three weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas, shoppers will be in even more of a frenzy to find the perfect gifts for people on their Christmas list. Luckily, has assembled five unique gift bundle packages perfectly tailored for anyone on your list. See how you can buy and package these bundles yourself in detail below.

  1. The Movie Buff: Whether you know someone who’s the human embodiment of IMDB or you just happen to have a family member who enjoys blockbusters on the weekends, Gift Cards work well in a gift package for movie goers. Here’s our suggestion: Fill up a bag or bucket with fresh popcorn the morning of Christmas (the microwavable variety sets you back under a dollar, and for something extra sweet and salty, buy a bag of pre-popped kettle corn for under $5) and stick a $25 Gift Card inside along with two movie tickets or a movie gift card—according to Fandango, the average ticket price for a movie is $11. Now your gift recipient is set up for a “dinner and a movie” night. They can grab a bite from one of thousands of local restaurants nationwide before their feature presentation. Create your own bundle with the help of Specials
  2. The Workaholic: We all know someone like this, the type who never seems to have enough time to accomplish everything they want in a given work day, week or year. Here’s a great gift suggestion to help that busy someone on your list find much needed tranquility. Pair a $100 Gift Card with a gift package of spa accessories and products. For about $25 to $40, you can throw together your own spa-therapy kit for a soothingly affordable at-home spa treatment. Pick up some herbal soap, aromatherapy massage oil, mineral bath salts, hand towels, tea, scented candles and an exfoliating wash scrub for your gift bundle to help set a convincing day spa atmosphere. With thousands of local restaurants to choose from across the country, your spa-treated gift recipient may even find a restaurant that delivers or offers carry-out for the complete at-home experience.
  3. The Romantic: Believe it or not, Gift Cards can add an element of romance to your Christmas holiday. Try gifting a $50 Gift Card with a bouquet of roses. You can find roses at your local grocery store or check Specials between now and Christmas for savings at floral retailers. Add some irresistibly delicious chocolate covered strawberries to the mix. A dozen chocolate covered strawberries will cost you between $30 and $60, depending on the brand and where you purchase from.  Not only will the one you care for appreciate the gesture of the flowers and chocolate covered fruit, but the Gift Card acts as a subtle hint that you would like to share more time with that person outside of the regular holiday festivity.
  4. The Wine Fanatic: Here’s a great gift idea for wine enthusiasts on your Christmas list. Have you ever considered pairing a Gift Card with a bottle of wine? has many restaurants on its program with BYOB policies. All you need to do is look for a BYOB listing under a restaurant’s “special features” to see if you can bring your bottle of wine along for dinner. You can spruce this pairing up even more with a cheese and cracker set and a box of chocolates for some tasty treats to have at home. Check Specials for wine and cheese gift packages or wine sampler deals to help create your own gift bundle.
  5. The Theatre Lover: Most people would prefer to have a drama-free holiday season, but here’s a great gift option for those with a taste for the theatrical. Pair a $50 Gift Card with two Broadway show tickets. Right now, you can find tickets to Broadway shows and off-Broadway productions through Specials. Theatre packages range from $70 to $110 (includes a single ticket) and each deal comes with a $50 Gift Card. As a finishing touch, add a soundtrack to your gift package for the show you have supplied the ticket(s) for. They can listen to the music on their way to dinner, dine out at one of thousands of local restaurants nationwide and then enjoy the night’s entertainment at the show.

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