December is here and holiday shopping is underway.  When you make your list this year, there’s a good chance gift cards will be on it.  According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards are the most popular present again in 2012 (81.1% of shoppers say they will purchase at least one!)

Everyone knows that gift cards are fun to receive, but wrapping them can pose a bit of a challenge.  If you want your gift card to be able to compete with the shiny paper and bows of other gifts this holiday season, try these creative ways to wrap and make those little cards have a big impact!

  • Sweet Surprise
    Complement your gift card with some homemade treats. Bake a batch of your favorite holiday goodies and hide your gift card in a cookie jar. Complete the package by dressing up the jar with a festive bow and attach a cute cookie cutter to the ribbon for a sweet, affordable way to present your gift card.
  • Snow Globe
    If you’re looking for a way to really make your gift card sparkle, try creating a homemade snow globe like this one. All you need is a mason jar, something glittery (we used a sparkly fake snow), your gift card and some water.

    Add a festive bow to cover the lid and your present is sure to stand out under the tree. Tip: Our gift cards float, so consider weighting it down with a sticky magnet.

  • Photo Finish
    Picture frames make great gifts as is, but nobody wants to open a present to find the stock photography that usually comes inside. Wrap two gifts up in one by putting a gift card in place of the stock photo for a gift that’s twice as fun.
  • Mint Condition
    Make your gift card pack an extra punch by dressing up a box of mints and tucking the card inside. We gave this box a quick coat of red paint, added a green bow, and taped the card to the lid and voila.
  • Stocking
    We’d be remiss if we left out this obvious holiday favorite. Stockings are a perfect place for a gift card to hide next to other pint-sized presents. We used a higher denomination gift card and had it peek out of the top for a big surprise first thing on Christmas morning.

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