Tired of all the political trash-talking? The negative ads interrupting your favorite shows? The phone calls during DINNER?!! It’s time to sink your teeth into a different kind of race. We’re putting the fun back in election season with the Food EAT-lections!

Let’s meet the delicious candidates!

  • Steak:
    The Stakes Have Never Been Higher
    In a time of economic uncertainty, and the ever growing threat of “pink slime,” it’s easy to get caught up in the frivolous issues and forget the real meat of the issue. And that meat is Steak. Rare, Medium Rare, Medium or Well Done, there is nothing like a good cut of steak.
    Our green opponents have tried to offer an alternative to our platform; (tofu or vegetables) & while imitation is the best form of flattery, it doesn’t get you the juicy well marbled satisfaction of a Ribeye, Porterhouse, T-bone or New York Strip.
    So this year, forget the shallow desserts and broken fried promises. Vote Steak.
  • Lobster:
    The Candidate for a Butter America
    So you’re wondering who to vote for? Only the most buttery, richest food to hit your plate since we don’t know when. Lobster.
    There’s nothing like cracking into that shell and tasting the first bite. Lobster is the steak of the sea. It can stand alone or as part of the dynamic duo known as surf n’ turf. Need something to warm your soul? Two words: lobster bisque.
    It makes perfect sense – the shell is red, the meat is white and the ocean it calls home is blue. So this year when you pick a leader for the red, white & blue, remember Lobster, the candidate for a butter America.
  • Burger:
    For a Job Well Done
    Seriously, if you were stranded on an Island what food would you vote for to survive. The Burger has it hands down!

    The Burger can be dressed up or down. Grill it, add cheese, lettuce and tomato, pickles, mustard, ketchup. It’s a meal. It doesn’t need something else to make it complete. The Burger can stand alone and life with a burger is better. It’s not just an add on or a sugary addition. It’s the one food America cannot live without!

    So go ahead and show your support for the All American Burger. Vote for the Burger “For a Job Well Done!”
  • Taco:
    Spicing Up Washington
    The Taco. The taco; spicy & delicious, the taco; of Hispanic descent but of great importance to the daily ritual every American family faces down dinner time, the taco; diverse and all-American.
    What would we do without the taco? What picky eating child doesn’t succumb to the spicy, cheese-filled crunch of Taco dinner night? With the variety of veggies toppings, tacos can be both tasty and healthy.
    We nominate you, trusted Taco – as the Food Election Winner!
  • Chocolate:
    Reward Yourself
    This decision is simple. Chocolate already has a place in your heart. That sweet treat you had as a child? The dessert you took one bite of and it melted in your mouth? The piece of chocolate cake that brings back fond memories every time you try it? The food of choice you reach for in times of stress?
    Chocolate is the best food because it allows you to reward yourself! How many things in life taste so good and are also good for you? Yes, in moderation chocolate is good for you!
    Making that ballot box choice can be stressful, why not vote for what you know and choose Chocolate in this year’s food election.
  • Donuts:
    America Runs on Donuts
    Sometimes sitting through all of the candidate commercials or reading all of the political emails and posts online you just need a break. What makes for a better break than a delicious donut? You can dip it in coffee, milk or wash it down with orange juice. Frosted, glazed, jelly filled, rectangular, round or donut holes, what’s your favorite?
    Donuts are on the kitchen table after every slumber party, in the car of families rushing off to that morning sporting event or in the hands of the daily commuters rushing to the office. They make for an amazing breakfast or a yummy dessert.
    So remember as you walk up to your favorite bakery, drive through your local donut shop drive through or grab that bag of donuts at the grocery store: you’re grabbing a winner.
  • French Fry:
    The Tater You Can Trust
    How is this even a contest? French Fries are so obviously the best food in the world.
    You can have French Fries topped with nacho cheese, blue cheese, or cheese curds, with carne asada, bacon, eggs, or any meat that strikes your fancy. Fries come in so many varieties that you can’t really go wrong. Looking for a healthier fry? Try a sautéed sweet potato fry. Want a more substantial fry? How about a steak cut fry with a side of garlic aioli.
    Any way you slice it, There is no greater comfort food then the warm and salty French Fry. It’s the tater you can trust.
  • Bacon:
    Bring Home the Bacon
    What makes everything better? Bacon! Just bring home the bacon and slap in on a burger, ice cream (yes, BACON ice cream is the best), a donut, wrap it around a chicken or heck, just eat it alone. Chefs love bacon and how couldn’t they, right? Just check the menu from your favorite local restaurant. Bacon is a staple in at least one item.
    Bacon is what can makes that big, greasy run down your arm burger so burgerlicious. It’s what makes that salad so crunchy that you keep coming back for more. It’s the topping on a sandwich that makes it so mouth watering yummy! So this year, while you vote for the president, vote for Bacon too!
    So this year, while you vote for the president, vote for Bacon too!
  • Pizza:
    Your Country. Your Slice.
    Pizza – need we say more? It’s hot, it’s tasty, it fills your soul with warm cheesy gooeyness! It is the comfort food of comfort foods – and best of all, there’s something for everyone.
    Whether you’re a veggie lover or a fan of the “supreme;” if you go ape for anchovies or can’t get enough meat on every slice; if you like it with tomato, alfredo, oil or any other kind of sauce, pizza’s the one for you. It’s your country, and your slice!
    So when you make your decision in this Food Election remember that Pizza’s the choice that knows what YOU want. On your plate and in Washington, Pizza won’t let you down!
  • Vote Pasta:
    Yes We CAN-nelloni!
    In the midst of all the political banter and debates, how about something a little fun? Voting for the best food! The clear winner is Pasta!
    Why? Everyone likes pasta – meat lovers and vegetarians alike. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love their own favorite form of pasta.
    Restaurants have entire sections of their menus devoted to pasta dishes. And of course that’s the beauty of pasta – there are so many ways to serve it. Mac & Cheese, Lasagna, Stuffed Shells and so much more. Plus, pasta is international! You’ll find it at all sorts of restaurants from Italian to American to Japanese (soba noodles!)
    So in closing, vote Pasta for the possibilities. They’re endless!


“The Stakes Have Never Been Higher” and everyone’s looking “For a Job Well Done,” but who will be the winner? Steaks? Burgers? Pizza or Pasta? Maybe Donuts will take it in a landslide. Only you have the power to determine who the next leader of the free food world will be. So head on over to our Facebook Page to vote early, vote often and get this delicious ballot box party rockin!

Which food candidate is your favorite? Show some support for your pick below!