The holiday season is when we should give extra thanks, and show appreciation to the people who always go the extra mile. Many of these people often go unnoticed, behind the scenes.

It could be the…

  • Mailman. The person who weathers icky conditions to deliver your mail.
  • Bus driver. Honor the hard-working bus driver who keeps you on schedule every day.
  • Teacher. For the teacher who has gone the extra mile for their students.
  • Hair stylist. Give extra love to the person who leaves you feeling refreshed many times during the year.
  • Crossing guard. The dedicated person who keep children safe from traffic throughout the year—no matter the weather conditions.
  • Neighbors.The trustworthy person who keeps an extra set of keys, collects the mail while you’re on vacation, and shovels your driveway or sidewalk when it snows.
  • Co-workers. Show them how thankful you are for their hard work, for having your back and for their loyalty.


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Did we miss anyone on our list? Let us know in the comments!