One of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season at is the outpouring of thanks that we receive from grateful Feed It Forward givers and recipients. (For those of you not familiar with Feed It Forward, it is our holiday giving celebration, during which time anyone can send free $10 eGift Cards to up to 40 different recipients of their choosing, every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas.)

Some givers are excited at the opportunity to give free gifts, others appreciate the chance to reconnect with friends and family members during the holiday season. Others are genuinely touched by the gesture and feel a profound impact in their lives.

Every day throughout Feed It Forward, our CEO, Cary Chessick, shares some of these stories with the staff. It is a truly moving and uplifting experience to see people’s spirits lifted during this time of year, and we’d like to share a selection of the stories with Dish readers through the following video and selection of the notes we’ve received.

Giving Thanks For Feed It Forward:

Rachael Barnett – GIVER: Baltimore, MD “I felt like I was giving a gift to my friends and family, and those who received the certificates thanked me for it. One even returned the favor by sending me one!”

Jennifer Allen – GIVER: Leesburg, VA “I gave a gift certificate to my husband. I saw that the French restaurant in our town was on the list of possible choices. My daughter loves escargot and my husband was able to have a wonderful daddy-daughter meal with Britney. They both loved the quality time that the got to have together at a discount! Thanks for making that possible.”

Jean Georgett – GIVER: Kinnelon, NJ “I love the Feed it Forward program. I gave certificates to all of my co-workers at a time when we were all frazzled from long hours at work and trying to keep up with family, too. It put a smile on everyone’s face and got them in the holiday mood. They turned around and gave it forward to their family and friends.”

Stephanie Toro – GIVER: Houston, TX “Economic times are tough. I was able to give many of these away and feel like I was still giving something to everyone. Sometimes we would spend them together which was nicer than a present. It was saying, ‘hey, you and I are going to spend some quality time and we won’t have to stress about the cost.’”

Tonya Romesburg – GIVER: Parkville, MD “Feed It Forward makes me feel so happy to send a little something to each person on my holiday list. I rarely ever get a thanks and I hardly ever get a gift card back, but that’s not the point. The point is, it’s better to give than receive. When I give, I feel happy and content. It’s the little things in life that matter most.”

Lisa Kane – GIVER: Melbourne, FL “It made me feel really good to give. My friends loved it, and now they buy gift certificates regularly. They were afraid to try it before I sent them one to try for free…so thank you!”

Naomi Thomas – RECIPIENT: Aiken, SC “I’ve been participating in the Feed It Forward Program for about three years, but I very much remember the first time I received one as a gift. At this point I had never heard of your program before and felt very blessed that my friend chose me for the gift. Since then, I go out of my way to look for your program each year at Christmas time. I send out as many of your blessing as I can.”

You can give through Feed It Forward until Christmas Day, so keep the gift of giving going yourself by visiting the site now!

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