America is celebrating its birthday this week, and it’s only fitting that we toast the guest of honor. The U.S. is a delicious melting pot of cuisines from all corners of the world, and this week is the perfect time to order dishes and drinks that pay homage to the stars and stripes. Though many folks will head out to their backyard grills to celebrate, savvy restaurant goers know there is even more fun to be had when it’s a chef’s job to turn those amber waves of grain into a delicious meal. If you’re heading to a restaurant this week, pledge your allegiance to these All-American dishes and drinks and you’ll be feeling patriotic in no time!

1. Slice of Apple Pie. Let’s start with the basics. There’s no dish more American than a sweet slice of apple pie. This ubiquitous dessert can also be found sweetening up restaurants from sea to shining sea in cocktail form as apple pie martinis. Order a slice a la mode (with a scoop of vanilla ice cream) for a treat that George Washington would have loved. He’s said to have been so fond of ice cream that he purchased an ice cream maker.

  • Try it With: Riesling. America’s traditional dessert pairs nicely with this sweet white wine. Rieslings are known for their balance of acidity and sugar, which makes it a unique pairing partner for a variety of dishes, including sweet apple pie and caramelized desserts. If you’re enjoying the bubbly wine movement this summer, a dry Prosecco also works well with this American treat.

Apple Pie

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2. Root Beer Float. Frothy, sweet, and uniquely American, the root beer float is a little sip of history. Root beer was invented in Philadelphia in 1876, and the “float” version became popular during the age of soda fountains and sweet cream sodas.

  •   Try it With: A burger and fries, or other traditional soda fountain fare.

Root Beer Float

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3. “Thanksgiving” Sandwich or Turkey Burger. It might not exactly be Thanksgiving, but this sandwich has the right idea. America’s other holiday gets a summer-friendly makeover in sandwich and burger form, with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce piled high on toasted bread.

Thanksgiving Burger

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4. Yuengling. America’s oldest operating brewery was founded in Pennsylvania in 1829 and, after surviving prohibition, continues to brew its traditional American lager today. Though it’s not available in every state, if you have the chance be sure to sample a sip from America’s oldest brewery. If you can’t find Yuengling in your area, the Massachusetts-based Sam Adams is another All-American option.

  • Try it With: A juicy, traditional cheeseburger.


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 5. Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie. If anything could compete with apple pie as the most American dessert, it’s the classic chocolate chip cookie. This treat hails from Massachusetts, where it was created in the Toll House restaurant and rose to popularity during World War II when chocolate chip cookies were a regular fixture in care packages sent to American soldiers overseas. The giant restaurant version is even more impressive than the homemade staple

  • Try it with: A big scoop of vanilla ice cream or a cold class of milk.


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  6. Ginger Bourbon Fizz. To be legally considered bourbon, this whiskey must be brewed in the United States. Combine this Kentucky-based beverage with (also-American-made) ginger ale, lemon and mint and toast to America’s southern heritage.

  • Order it with: Baby back ribs, cheddar grits, fried green tomatoes or other traditional southern fare. This cocktail also pairs well with steak.

Ginger German Fizz

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7. Cheers to the Red White and Blue. Though they might not have the historical legacy of the above options, if you’re lucky enough to find a red, white and blue cocktail on the menu it’s the perfect thing to complement a fireworks display. We like these three tri-colored treats:

Red, White & Blue Sangria:


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Red, White & Blue Daiquiri

Red White and Blue Daquiri

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Roman Candle Martini

 Martini  (Pic via Pinterest)


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