Last month, we asked our Facebook followers what their favorite greasy foods were. The responses were abundant and our diners were eager to share their passion for greased up favorites like fried chicken, bacon, sausage and grilled and deep fried cheese. With the harshness of winter approaching, diners’ eating habits tend to change, shifting towards the menu items with the most comforting and warming qualities after consumption. Sometimes that means choosing something breaded, fried or extra greasy, so here’s our ode to some of our diners’ favorite greasy food preferences.


Grilled cheese is an American staple for warming up during the colder seasons. The great thing about grilled cheese sandwiches is that you can add a number of ingredients to make them more or less healthy, and a restaurant can cut down on the excess grease produced from a buttered up skillet if the sandwich is made on a panini press instead.


If you’re in Charleston, South Carolina, pay a visit to Cory’s Grilled Cheese where you can order from a selection of grilled cheese sandwiches featuring many bread choices, over 10 fruit and vegetable ingredients, and multiple spreads and protein selections. Try Cory’s Famous grilled cheese with Muenster cheese, crispy bacon, Honey Dijon, and prepared on a cinnamon raisin swirl bread. For a slightly “healthier” grilled cheese option at Cory’s, try the Downtown, featuring Brie and Chevre cheeses, Fig Spread with apple, and fried onions on Sourdough bread. Although Brie is has less calcium than more familiar cheeses such as cheddar or Swiss, Chevre cheese has one of the lowest concentrations of saturated fat in any cheese and the Fig spread, apple and fried onions make for a balanced meal.



Another favorite greasy food for our diners was sausage. Located in the heart of the Midwest and close to the city of Chicago, it comes as no surprise to anyone at that Italian and Polish sausages are popular menu items for our diners. You will find instances where sausage links are paired with other greasy meats and sandwiches. Try pairing Dickey’s Barbecue Pit’s Old Recipe Polish Sausage or their Spicy Cheddar Sausage with another meat option on The Westerner, a signature sandwich featuring your choice of two slow smoked meats and cheese. With over 280 locations, you’re bound to find one near you. Of course, how could we even talk about greasy meats and sandwiches without mentioning burgers? At Sully C’s Bar and Grill in Saugus, Massachusetts, you’ll think twice before ordering the aptly named Heart Stopper burger off of the menu , featuring a combination of Swiss and cheddar cheese topped with Polish kielbasa sausage and onion rings.


Bacon was definitively the most popular greasy food option for our diners on Facebook. These days, you can find bacon as an ingredient in multiple cuisines and on many menus.  Bacon has also become popular in consumer products like candies, alcohol and pastries. The largest producers of swine and pork in America are the states of Iowa, Minnesota and North Carolina. The Corn Patch Restaurant and Lounge in Grimes, Iowa boldly claims to have Iowa’s best pork. Try their Country Style BBQ Ribs or order a juicy Tenderloin Filet Mignon, wrapped in deliciously crispy bacon and grilled to perfection.


What greasy food options do you enjoy the most? Are there slightly healthier ways of preparing those food items in restaurants? Share your answers with us in the comments section below.