Today’s Every Mom guest blogger Leslie Pleasants shares tips for surviving the winter months with your kids!

These months can make winter days feel much longer when you have kids at home.  You could send them outside in the cold (if you live in colder areas), but then there is the tracking in the mud or water and cleaning them all up.  Sometimes it is better to find other things to do to keep those little minds busy.

Whatever you decide to do, make it fun for them and learn at the same time, like try to keep video and TV to a minimum. I know that is such an easy solution for all parents, but I do notice if you don’t have the TV on at all during the day, the house becomes more soothing. There is less fighting, and less noise.

Here are some ideas for you to use during these months of winter!

Scavenger Hunt

1. Create a scavenger hunt:  This can be done for all ages and could be incorporated with chores too.  Make a chart they have to check off to receive a reward or something at the end.  Maybe it is TV time that they get or you take them out to a movie.  On the chart you could ask them to find something in the house, sort their socks, give mom a kiss, etc.  Just make sure to make it fun and not include too many chores.

2.  Puzzles: I love puzzles because they can be time consuming and kids love them.  I stock up on them at the Dollar Tree, so they are very inexpensive.  A trick?  I put them in zip lock bags when they are done in hopes that they all make it back in one piece.

3.  Sock Party:  Yup, you heard me!  You no longer have to match your own socks.  All you have to do is call it a “Sock Party” and put your kids on your bed and throw all your socks on them.  Have them match them up for you!  HA!  Brilliant.  Now, your teens/tweens might not think this is a great idea, but your younger kids will.  Trust me!

4.  Science Projects:  There are so many great things you can do with just your household stuff to teach your children about science.  Mix baking soda & vinegar and watch it fizz, create homemade volcanoes, DIY lava lamps, etc.  Just search online for ‘Science Projects’ and you will be amazed how many things are out there!

Baking5.  Baking:  Any cooking or baking is great for kids.  Whether it’s baking cookies or even making their own lunch.  Kids love to help out in the kitchen (whether we like it or not).   Find them some aprons and make them feel like chefs.  Sometimes giving them their own space is a good idea and there is no fighting or foreseen disasters that might happen.

6.  Sight Words:  Now is a good time to work with them on their words if they are younger.   Try using post it notes all over your house and place them on items.  Have them look at the word and say it.  It’s a constant reminder to them by seeing the word and item at the same time.

7.  Camping Indoors:  Whether it’s just the kids or the whole family.  Make a tent with blankets or use a real one and set it up inside your home.  Microwave some s’mores, eat some hotdogs, make a pretend fire pit, use flashlights, etc.  This can really be a fun-filled family night! 

8.  Reading Club:  This is great for your tweens/teens.  Have a group of their friends all read the same book, then get them together after they have read it.  Give them a date that they have to read it by, and have them all over for food and beverages.  Then, have them sit around and talk about it.  You could even set up a theme to go with the book.  Another idea?  Do some research on the book and print out questions to ask.  They could answer them out loud together!

Backyard Pack

9.  Craft Bags:  Hit up sales and stores like the Dollar Tree.  Gather inexpensive craft items for your kids like stickers, crayons, paper, hole punch, stapler, tape, glitter glue, etc.  Then, assemble your own craft bags in either sandwich or gallon size bags.  Each day they get a new bag with a bunch of “stuff” in it.  The goal is for the kids to come up with something creative.  You could even write on the outside what they are supposed to make with these items in it.  Throwing in odd items can add some adventure too, like toilet paper rolls, Kleenex box, clothes pins, rocks, sticks, etc.


10.  Scotch Tape Floor Fun:  Now here is your chance to have fun with scotch tape on the floor!  You can do a lot with it and just simply by doing anything with scotch tape, kids get all excited about it.  You can make hopscotch, car tracks, imaginary houses (with rooms), cars, kitchens, a game board, etc.  Let your mind go wild with ideas or ask your children what they would like to make.  Then just place it on your carpet!  It peels off really easy and is great if you are stuck in a hotel room.


About Leslie Pleasants:

Leslie Pleasants - Today's Every Mom

Leslie is the founder of Today’s Every Mom {TEM}, with a vision to offer a “place” for any and every Mom {with child or not} to come and 

As a busy Mom herself, Leslie spends her days wrangling two school aged children and one fantastic husband. She works tirelessly scanning the internet to find solutions ranging from easy recipes to simple decor updates to quick homemade solutions to quotes that will make you both laugh and cry.  When she is not working at her computer you can usually find her at the golf course or traveling to a work event.  But what she enjoys most is cuddling with her kids.  They grow up so fast that you have to take in every moment that you can!  enjoy a community focused on helping make a busy life a little easier.