With the introduction of our brand new $15 certificate earlier this week, the Dish team decided to send our summer intern, Max, on a mission.  His objective: test out the $15 certificate and report back on his experience.  Armed with a shiny new $15 certificate and his parents, Intern Max dutifully ventured to a local restaurant to sample our new product (and their cuisine.)  He shares his experience with Dish readers below.

After a round of golf that left my parents and me shaking our heads, we needed a nice relaxing lunch to help get our minds and bodies in a better place.  Not wanting to add a pricey lunch bill onto our afternoon, we decided to try out the brand new $15 Restaurant.com certificate, which was perfect for a casual lunch without appetizers or drinks.

We decided on the Parkside Pub in Huntley, Ill., Famous for their “Turkey Testicle Festival”, Parkside Pub is also well known for less scary favorites like burgers, chili, and Philly cheese steaks, as well as their friendly and relaxing dining environment.

We decided to sit out on Parkside Pub’s patio, which had a nice surf bar theme, two flat screen TVs, and enough space to lounge around and even play some bar games.
It had been awhile since I had last enjoyed a burger, and once I read the words “1/2 lb Black Angus Chuck” on the menu, I knew it was time for this American classic to re-enter my life. I chose the Texas BBQ variety, cooked medium rare and loaded with BBQ sauce, strips of bacon, onion straws, and cheddar cheese, with fries on the side of course, along with an IBC root beer to wash it down. The angus burger was thick and juicy as I had hoped, and the combination of tangy, crispy, and melty flavors took this meal from very good to great.

My stepdad ordered the Parkside Club, which came with ham, turkey, bacon, mayo, and provolone cheese, all on freshly baked croissant, with onion rings and coleslaw on the side. He was particularly enamored with the onion rings, commenting that they reminded him of the rings he loved when he was growing up.

My mom was looking for a gluten-free option, and the Parkside Pub’s famous bowl of chili fit the criteria nicely, without having to sacrifice anything on taste. Since the regular dipping crackers are made with flour, the Parkside Pub staff was kind enough to bring out some tortilla chips to complement the chili instead.

Our lunch from Parkside Pub had our family very content for the afternoon, but the $15 gift certificate from Restaurant.com made things even better. With tax and tip, our lunch came to a little under $29. Once our $15 gift certificate was applied,we paid less than $14!  That’s less than lunch for two at most of our favorite fast-casual burrito places or sandwich shops. For that quality of food and atmosphere, you couldn’t possibly get a better deal. The experience even made us forget a about that stupid bunker behind the 8th green!