Our intern, Max, took it upon himself to read up on one of our favorite summer entrees and share his findings with Dish readers.  His burger bonanza is below!

There is an undeniable connection between the arrival of summer and a fresh grilled burger. Whether it’s celebrating a holiday or just spending time with family and friends, there are few things that add to a summer occasion like a warm and juicy burger. But while many people just think of a hamburger or cheeseburger when you bring up the subject, there are countless varieties of this delicious entree out there to taste and enjoy.  Here are some of our favorite varieties:

Hamburger/Cheeseburger: The American classic (although interestingly enough, the name comes from the town of Hamburg, Germany). Made with ground beef (and in the case of the cheeseburger, a slice of cheese of course,) this sandwich offers an unlimited amount of ways to make it your own. Regardless, it’s going to be juicy, savory, and full of flavor.

Sliders: First introduced by the fast food chain White Castle, the slider is a mini version of the hamburger or cheeseburger. Often no more than three inches across, sliders can be served as an appetizer or as an entree. While these sandwiches are relatively small, they pack a surprisingly big punch.

Buffalo Burger: Also know as a bison burger, the buffalo burger has a sweet and tender taste, and needs to be prepared very carefully at low temperatures. Buffalo burgers tend to be more expensive than beef burgers, but they are typically are lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories and have higher amounts of protein, B12, and zinc. They are also recommended by the American Heart Association because they do not contain hormones and antibiotics.

Turkey Burger: A turkey burger has a similar taste and texture as a beef burger, but because they are made from a leaner cut of meat, they tend to have less fat. The turkey burger is also a good source of protein, B6, and other vitamins and minerals.

Jucy Lucy: A staple of the Minneapolis area, a Jucy Lucy (or Juicy Lucy, depending on who you believe invented the sandwich) is essentially an inside-out cheeseburger. The cheese is cooked inside the meat until it melts completely, and since that liquid tends to come bursting out on first bite, it’s wise to wait for a little bit before digging into this tasty treat. Variations include a “Cajun Lucy” with jalapenos swimming in pepper jack cheese, a “Blucy Lucy” which contains bleu cheese crumbles, and a “Mary Shelley” which has fried bacon and cheese in the middle, often with bacon poking out of the sides of the patty.

Luther Burger: A sandwich that is certainly not for the weak of heart; the Luther Burger contains a regular hamburger or cheeseburger, but with glazed doughnuts replacing the bun. Named after legendary singer-songwriter and record producer Luther Vandross, who called this creation one of his favorites, the Luther Burger often contains between 800 and 1500 calories. It has become especially popular in baseball parks across the country.

Veggie Burger:  Vegetarians aren’t left out to dry when it comes to burgers, as the patties can be made out of vegetables like corn, textured vegetable proteins like soy, beans, nuts, mushrooms, or even wheat and flax, as well as with dairy products if the individual isn’t vegan. While veggie burgers have only been around for about 50 years or so, they have seen a significant growth in restaurants across the globe, especially those located in vegetarian-heavy India.

So which of these is your favorite? Or did we miss yours? Let us know in the comments, then go out and enjoy your favorite burger!