March 14th is 3.14! It’s National Pi (π) Day! In celebration of all things nerdy and delicious, we’ve calculated a few delectable ways to celebrate. Here’s a hint: It’s all about PIE!

Let’s start with the foundation. THE CRUST. There are so many types! Some are sweet, some are salty, some are made with butter. Others use shortening or rely on cold COLD water, while still more call for distilled vinegar as the secret ingredient to achieve that perfect, tender, flaky base. Then there are the butter-crumb crusts. Smashed cookie or graham bits, mixed with sugar and melted butter that are pressed into a perfect pie crust shape.

THEN, it’s all about ooey, gooey, sweet or creamy fillings; perhaps you want to get wild and crazy with a savory mixture and call it…dinner. However you roll, it’s clear that pies, in all their many forms, are awesome. And today, we’re talking about some of our favorites.

cranberry tart

Fruit Pie – Fruit is one of the most classic pie fillings and the possibilities are almost limitless. Some love berry pies, while others prefer pitted varieties like peach. Every fall, stores and counter tops are overrun with a plethora of apple pies with various toppings, from ice cream to cheddar cheese. Then there’s that crazy faction that loves rhubarb—a combo of sweet with tart. No matter what fruit you’re using, a sugary filling of tender fruit and juices makes for a darn good slice.

Custard Pie – Who knew combining sugar, cream and eggs and baking it in a shell could produce so much deliciousness. Well friends, that’s exactly what a custard pie is. Mix in additional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, pumpkin, caramel or liquors and end up with a delicate slip of flavor that melts in your mouth (and probably your hand, too).

Savory Pies – The savory pie is a popular European dish and is served as an actual meal, rather than for dessert. Most combinations include a mixture of meat (beef or lamb) and vegetables, like potatoes and onions. A more Americanized example of a savory pie is the chicken pot pie. This traditionally southern meal has the outside appearance of a pie, and the inside flavor of Thanksgiving dinner.

minced meat pie

Of course, you could combine all three and end up with something like this.

Pizza-aah Pies – Pizza, at its most basic, consists of three ingredients: dough, sauce and toppings. However, each of those ingredients is completely open to interpretation—and varies across the nation (or even across town!). From the original Italian Neapolitan with a thin, crunchy wood-baked crust and minimal toppings to the Chicago deep dish, with a thick, buttery crust that’s oozing with toppings—and no matter how you slice it (triangles, squares or rectangles)—there are pizza pies for every taste and preference.


Pie in a cake – For our grand finale, we give you the turducken of desserts, the pie cake. Yes, someone somewhere decided that since pie is delicious, and cake is delicious, putting one inside the other and baking them together would be even more delicious. We’ve never been lucky (aka brave) enough to try a slice, but this mythical dessert is definitely on our foodie bucket list.

So no matter how you celebrate Pi day, please join us by raising your forks to a day that’s filled with sweet, savory, delicious (and maybe even nutritious) pie!