If you have a travel lover or adventurous foodie on your list this holiday season, we’ve got gift ideas for you!

Can’t afford to book a trip around the world?  Need a way to wrap a night on the town?  Send someone special on a flavor vacation with our cuisines around the world gift basket ideas!

We’ve filled baskets with tasty teasers from countries like France, Italy and Japan, paired them with a fitting movie, and added a Restaurant.com Gift Card for the perfect “dinner-and-a-movie” experience for the explorers on your list.

  • France
    Pretend you’re at a Paris café with this appetizer basket of brie, baguette, wine and chocolates to whet your appetite. Then, use your Restaurant.com Gift Card for a certificate to enjoy dinner at your favorite French bistro before heading home to enjoy “Midnight in Paris.”
  • Japan
    Start your evening with some Sake before redeeming your Restaurant.com Gift Card for a sushi feast. Complete the evening with a showing of Tom Cruise’s The Last Samurai. Be sure to bring home your leftovers – you’ve got plenty of soy sauce and wasabi for tomorrow’s lunch!
  • Italy
    Enjoy some Italian wine while you work up an appetite watching Russell Crowe battle it out in the Coliseum in Gladiator, then head out for an Italian feast with your Restaurant.com Gift Card. Try your hand at making your own pasta the next day.
  • Greece
    Opa! Break out the feta, hummus and pita bread, it’s time for a Big Fat Greek dinner! Use your Restaurant.com Gift Card for a Mediterranean feast, then laugh off the meal with My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
  • Mexico
    Start your fiesta with chips, salsa and margaritas before heading to redeem your Restaurant.com Gift Card for fajitas, enchiladas and more. Then fire up the television for a pelicula of your choice – we recommend Y Tu Mama Tambien if you’re in the mood for a drama or Will Ferrell’s Casa de Mi Padre for a laugh.
  • USA
    Prefer staying on familiar ground? Pack a basket full of American favorites like Ritz Crackers and Cracker Barrel cheese, watch American Pie and go out for burgers and brats!

Start your own cuisine-themed gift baskets by picking up the first piece here!