Each month, Restaurant.com focuses on a different culinary theme for our ‘Behind the Menu’ feature. From sushi bars and sports bars to candle-lit, romantic atmospheres, we cover all that our restaurant partners have to offer. This way, YOU – our customers, can experience a wide variety of dining options. Who knows – sampling the theme of the month may lead you to discover your new favorite restaurant is the exotic eatery right around the corner!

This month, we’re stepping out and shining the spotlight on restaurants featuring live music. Who doesn’t like a little Barry Manilow with their chicken parmesan?

Listening to live music during a meal adds a unique ambience to the overall experience. You certainly won’t be serenaded by a mariachi band or lulled into a relaxed state of bliss by a string quartet in your own kitchen (unless you invite them, of course.)

From swanky piano bars and sophisticated blues hubs, to down home, country cabins or acoustic nights at local cafés, there’s sure to be a restaurant that serves up music to your ears.

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For those of you who love a little live music on the side, do you have a favorite restaurant to visit that serenades while you eat?