This Father’s Day, we would like to honor the many types of dads out there & help you decide which meal is best for your dad!

For the man that has inspired you to do great things, taught you to never give up, and to put your best foot forward – he deserves a great meal this Father’s Day. But how do you decide where to dine out? Fear not – check out our ideas below, decide which is your dad, and dine accordingly. Whether your dad is an outdoors man, a chef (or just thinks he is), a tech genius, or a music buff, we’ve got you covered!

father's day

The Goofball Dad: His fun and silly personality is one of the best qualities of this dad. He’s always up for anything and doesn’t stress out easily. Mexican food is the perfect cuisine for this type of dad. A delicious Mexican plate consists of flavor, spice and color, just like this dad!

mexican food

Sports Fanatic Dad: This supportive dad never missed one of your childhood games. Heck, he may have been the coach. His love for sports knows no limits. The all American cuisine is the perfect go-to for this dad. He loves a burger and fries and always find the best diners.


The Nature Lover Dad: A dad who lives for the outdoors will appreciate an authentic barbecue. Find a restaurant that serves dishes prepared on a wood fired grilled to give the food a smoky & charred taste his appetite won’t resist. Along with a side of grilled vegetables and outdoor seating, this dad won’t be able to wait to share this experience!


A Bit of a Klutz Dad: This dad always has the best intentions but usually winds up with the short end of the coordination stick. Take him out to a local sub and sandwich shop where he can custom order his meal, leaving out the chance for accidents. Although you’re pretty sure he’s going to end up with mustard on his shirt.


The Chef Dad: If your dad is a pro in the kitchen (or at least gives it his best effort!), then treat him to a meal out at a local Italian restaurant. Bonus points if the restaurant serves spaghetti con alici e finocchietto selvatico (spaghetti with anchovies and wild fennel). One bite into the dish and this dad will be dreaming he’s in the Amalfi Coast.


Works Around The Clock Dad: This hardworking dad is always eating fried rice on the go and never takes time for himself so it’s up to you this weekend to provide him with a nice and relaxing dinner that he can enjoy. A Hibachi restaurant will be the perfect spot to serve up his food while he watches the show and spends time with his family.


Tech Genius Dad: This dad is always up-to-date with the newest trends. He loves trying out new products and being ‘in’ with the times. With tons of food trends now swaying more toward organic produce and clean eating, take dad out to a local restaurant that serves fresh and organic vegetarian dishes. He’ll be ready to order as soon as you pull up, you can guarantee he’s already looked up the menu online.

vegetarian dish

Where are you taking your dad this Father’s Day?