Every mom is unique.  Some are crafty, some are cooks.  Some are sporty and some are successful in business.  Others are all of the above!  No matter what kind of mom you have, this Mother’s Day, she deserves a special meal tailor-made just for her.

To help you determine what your mom will find most delicious this Mother’s Day, the Dish team put together a fun cuisine guide to help you “match a meal to mom.”  Check out the ideas below and see what kind of meal matches your unique mom!



The Life of the Party Mexican cuisine is a great fit for a fun loving mom. If she loves a good fiesta and adds spice to your life, she will definitely love the vibrant atmosphere, bright colors and spicy options that come with a Mexican restaurant.


The Caretaker If your mom is always concerned that you’re not getting enough eat, a big meal with classic Italian dishes will put her worrying mind at ease. Don’t forget to  clean your plate!


The World Traveler –If your mom’s passport has more stamps than a post office, we recommend cuisines that let her show off her worldly experiences. Take her to a Chinese restaurant so she can flaunt her chopstick skills or visit a German ale house so she can impress you as she maneuvers a beer stein.


The Health Nut – Moms who always have a yoga mat in tow are a great fit for a fresh, trendy vegetarian dish. Consider checking out local restaurants that serve more than just your standard veggie fare and specialize in putting a unique spin on healthy cuisine.


The Soulful Woman – Cajun cuisine is a perfect match for those moms who love the smooth sounds of the blues and the spicy flavors of the south. Nothing feeds a soulful mom quite like Creole cooking!

french cuisine

The Sophisticate – If your mom has a fine tuned palate and sent you off to etiquette school, consider impressing her fine tastes with French cuisine. Nothing says sophistication quite like escargot and foie gras. Just remember your manners!


The All-American – A burger and fries will win the heart of any mom who loves to watch baseball and bake apple pies. Your mom will be chanting “U.S.A.!” after you take her to a local diner that serves up American favorites.


The Nature Lover – A mom who appreciates the outdoors will definitely enjoy the rustic tastes of authentic barbecue. Find a restaurant that serves dishes prepared on the barbie to satisfy her appetite, and better yet, make sure that restaurant has outdoor seating so she can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature as she dines.


The Sweetheart – All mothers are caring, but some are just a cut above the rest when it comes to kindness. Treat your sweet mom’s sweet tooth and skip the main course by heading straight to dessert! Find a dessert lounge or restaurant that specializes in delectable sweet treats and break the “no dessert before dinner” rule!”


The Loyal Companion–  Historically, the Irish are known for their loyalty and friendship, so an Irish pub is a great place to share a meal with the special mom, and friend.