You already know that can help you save on great meals all the time and Spring Break is no exception! While you’re getting your breakfast, lunch and dinner deals on, guest blogger Alli Doubek of shares some tips for how to maximize your spring break savings AND fun!

Can you believe that Spring Break is right around the corner? I swear it was just New Year’s Day! That being the case, I know many of us are still recovering from holiday spending, so getting a great deal on Spring Break is important! While using is a fantastic way to save during your week off, here are a few ideas for how you can make your break a little thriftier than usual.

  1. Want to go out of town? Swap houses with a friend! We always say that we wish that we lived in Florida, Chicago, New York, etc. Well, why not think about asking a friend if they’d like to swap houses for a few days? It’ll get you free housing for your vacation and you’ll be able to use the saved money on local entertainment!
  2. Have a Staycation! Stay in your city and explore it like a tourist would! Just remember to turn off your phones. You’re on vacation!
  3. Try camping! I know lots of families who save money by camping somewhere warm. It’s a ton of fun for the kids and bringing extra marshmallows to roast on sticks is all the evening entertainment you need.
  4. Check your library! Chicago libraries offer free passes to many local attractions (Shedd Aquarium, Planetarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, etc), so check the library in your area to see if they offer any free passes!
  5. Plan a road trip! Take the family to one of the National Parks or explore free sites like the Grand Canyon! Make sure to use your certificates for any new city you arrive in!
  6. Search the web! Whatever city you plan to be in, do a quick search for “Free Entertainment In “blank” You should get a host of results with some free ideas for where you are!
  7. Plan a camp! Do you have a bunch of kids in your area? Will they all be off during the week of Spring Break? Plan a camp or a different house of activities each day throughout the week. Have each parent host a different day and provide snacks and games, a play, a band, science lab or anything else that they are good at. That will keep the kids entertained and give you a four day break while the kids are busy!
  8. Plan a week-long scavenger hunt! This could be a photo hunt for specific items from free locations around town (libraries, park districts, museums, etc) or on your road trip. When you get back home, turn it into a memory collage of your week!
  9. Check out some free classes! Many businesses offer a free first class before committing to their services. If you’ve been meaning to try out a karate, ballet, piano or any other class, this is when you can make time to do it!
  10. Have a film festival! Plan a Star Wars Saga Day, Lord Of The Rings Day or a Twilight Day and watch every single movie back to back! Order pizza and pop some popcorn and the entire day will cost you $30 for the entire family!

Whatever you do with your week, make it fun! There are lots of ways to entertain a family on a budget, so take these tips, do a little searching and get some suggestions from the family. Can’t afford to go to the zoo? Go to some local animal shelters and play with the animals! There is always a way to spin the ideas into thriftier options.


Alli Dubek of Couponingfor4.netAlli Doubek is a Blog Ambassador and a Chicagoan through and through. She’s an MBA toting stay-at-home mom who is passionate about saving money through the adventure of couponing. Find more of her dining tips and savings tricks on her site.