The 84th Academy Awards will take place in Hollywood this Sunday, so we got to thinking about the pivotal supporting role dining has played in many of our favorite films. Some of the best and most memorable character interactions in film have centered around a dining experience, and, while there’s no award for best supporting scenery, here are the top 10 dining scenes we think deserve honorable mention!

1. Animal House – Food Fight

2. Beauty and the Beast – Be Our Guest

3. Hook – Use Your Imagination

4. When Harry Met Sally – Katz’s Delicatessen

5. Jerry Maguire – Mexican Serenade

6. The Little Mermaid – At the Palace

7. Pretty Woman – Slippery Little Suckers

8. Blue Brothers – Think

9. Talladega Nights – Prayer to Baby Jesus

10. Caddyshack – Rodney Dangerfield

What do you think? Did we pick Oscar-worthy movie scenes? What are some of your favorite dining scenes from movies? Tell us in the comments section below!