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We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all chips are not created equal and should be endowed with massive amounts of cheese and other delicious toppings to create a more perfect flavor union…of NACHOS. With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, it’s time to celebrate everyone’s favorite snack food, the bar food of all bar foods, the pièce de résistance of all Tex Mex creations… It’s Nacho-time, people. Grab your chips and dive in. This ride is going to be delicious!

iStock_000015283641XSmall_ballparknachosLet’s start with a version that is known and loved by so many – the ballpark nacho. This game-time go-to is a fairly simple creation of (usually stale) tortilla chips, a gooey cheese mixture that oozes over those crunchy yellow chip discs and down into the cardboard crevices below, and pickled jalapeño slices. When it comes to authentic ingredients or real Mexican flavor, you won’t find much here, but whether you’re watching the game from the stands or at your favorite watering hole, chances are good you’ve devoured a helping or two. We’re with you. We recommend you embrace your love and pair your order with your favorite ice cold brew.

If, like 98% of the population, you’ve eaten in a restaurant, then you’ve seen our favorite version of nachos on countless menus. The Works, is what we call that mile-high pile of chips, beans, meat, cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, YOU NAME IT! We love it when the order is fresh from the oven with crispy chips and perfectly melted cheese. But it is equally delicious after all the sauces have mixed together, leaving a plate full of fork-worthy bites for the entire table to fight over. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this as an appetizer or a meal shared between friends. Do yourself a favor and order extra EVERYTHING, then be prepared for the flavor party that ensues.

For those of you with a slightly fancier palate, we give you gourmet nachos.  Look for swanky versions with ingredients like roast duck, blue cheese, shrimp, heirloom tomatoes, and more. Rather than traditional tortilla chips, these versions of nachos often come served on intricate layers of flatbread or gourmet crackers. It may not be your Abuela’s version of nachos, but these gourmet ingredients combine to make some very tasty menu items.

If, like us, you like to walk on the wild side and get a little crazy with your nacho ingredients, then we have a treat for you. Some of the Tater Tot Nachosbest nachos we’ve ever ordered look nothing like the old standard, but they are equally, if not more delicious. For instance…skip the chips and find a menu that offers your favorite nacho ingredients layered on top of tater tots. These Tatertachos are far from healthy, but every bite is more delicious than the next. These days, restaurants that have embraced the sweet potato fry craze are apt to offer a sweet potato nacho combination that will leave your taste buds extremely happy. With smoky chipotle sauce and peppers, cool sour cream and ingredients like spicy pulled pork, sweet potato nachos just might tie for number one in our book.

No matter how you top this tasty treat, we strongly recommend you grab some friends and get your Cinco de Celebration on this weekend with an order of messy, crispy, crunchy, totally finger-licking good nachos. Our order is right behind yours!