In honor of celebrating National Best Friend Day we’ve created a list of our favorite unlikely food matches that make our mouths water and hopefully yours too.

blue cheese salad

Peach and Pistachio


(Pic via Pinterest)

Peach and pistachios are a great trending pair that are showing up in everything from yogurt, to ice cream sundaes.   An arugula salad with fresh peaches and lightly salted pistachio sounds like a great, and refreshing way to celebrate the arrival of summer.

Spicy Chocolate Chicken

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It’s no secret that spicy flavors go well with chicken and spicy chocolate is a popular trend. Have you ever had all three together?  This dish is similar to a smothered chicken and is made with bacon, carrots, peas, serrano chile and of course chocolate. Why not try something new while dining out that will be sure to give you a kick in your taste buds with mix of flavors.

Blue Cheese and Bacon

(Pic via Pinterest)

Crumbly blue cheese and crunchy bacon are a match made in food heaven! With summer just around the corner one of our favorite ways to enjoy this duo is in a juicy burger. A slightly toasted pretzel bun with all of the fixings accompany a blue cheese and bacon burger perfectly.  Don’t forget the ultimate burger sidekick; fresh fries!

Chicken and Waffles

(Pic via Pinterest)

(Pic via Pinterest)

What’s better than a mix of one of your favorite breakfast foods and crispy fried chicken? This savory and sweet with an extra crunch is a great go to meal at your favorite brunch place. There are many variations of this meal that include chicken strips, chicken pieces like wings and breasts, and even chicken nuggets.

Which food pair is your favorite?