Not planning to hit the streets to trick or treat this year?  Whether you think you’re too old, have decided it’s too cold or are just plain costumeless, have no fear; there are other ways to satisfy your sweet tooth on Halloween (and we do NOT mean sneaking a piece from your kids’ stash or keeping the trick-or-treaters’ supply for yourself.)  You can find plenty of sweet surprises and candy-related dishes at many of your favorite restaurants – no costume required!

That’s right diners, why settle for a bite-size treat when you could find your favorite candy, from Snickers, Reese’s and Butterfingers, on the menu at restaurants in your neighborhood?

Not surprisingly, most candy dishes are found on the dessert menu with classics like Snickers Pie, Reese’s Pieces Pie, Butterfingers Cheesecake or York Peppermint Patty Brownies that trump even the most dedicated trick-or-treater’s haul.  But many restaurants get even more creative, extending candy elements into dishes beyond dessert.

Let’s start with breakfast – usually not a time for candy, unless you’re a fan of Buddy the Elf’s chocolate and M&M covered spaghetti dish.  Restaurants have managed to work sweet surprises into dishes like caramel banana French toast, chocolate chocolate-chip pancakes and Heath Bar toffee coffee cake (say that three times fast!).  Breakfast drinks haven’t been left out – peppermint mochas, salted caramel lattes and caramel macchiatos are as deliciously decadent as any Halloween treat.

Candy-coated main courses are a bit harder to find, but a few determined sweet-toothed chefs have persevered and found a way to work those bars and bites you crave into meat, fish and side dishes.  Chocolate rubs are a popular trend for a new spin on pork, steak and chicken.  You can also get your candy fix by sampling the luxurious sounding candy-apple glazed pork chops, brown sugar coated ham or salmon, or twice-baked sweet potatoes with bacon-English Toffee brittle (YUM.)  And don’t forget the traditional Mexican chocolate-based Mole sauce, which is delicious on enchiladas, chicken and steak.

If you aren’t on a sugar high yet, look to the cocktail menu.  Candy lovers have created cocktails designed to taste like favorites including Jolly Ranchers, Peppermint Sticks and Lemondrops that will add a little extra kick to your candyland adventure.

If you find it’s tricky to locate these items on the menu in your favorite restaurant, look to the obvious candy standbys: cookies and ice cream.  These two desserts can reliably be tweaked to include everything from Gummy Bears, M&Ms and Candy Corn to Reese’s, Butterfingers, Snickers, Heath Bars and Kit Kats.  When in doubt, always head to an ice cream shop for your candy fix.

If you’re hearing your mother’s voice inside your head warning against cavities, that means you’re convinced!  You can enjoy your Halloween candy served at a table this year – no tricks, no costumes, no egg-throwing teenagers, just treats!

Do you have other favorite candy-related restaurant dishes?  Tell us in the comments section below!