Dine Out While Supporting Your NFL Division Leaders with

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It’s still early, but NFL football teams and fan bases are already getting a sense of how this season is going to play out. This week on The… Read More »

Chicken Kufta and Hummus(blogready)

FirstBites- Mediterranean

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Mediterranean food has always had a presence in America, the melting pot of the world, whether in the form of the neighborhood Greek grease joint, the local tapas… Read More »


5 Ways to Help Kids Try New Food

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Kids like what they like – macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, chicken fingers, cheese, and bread. But stubborn overuse of this blandly colored plate of food often leaves… Read More »

Kidfriendlyblog’s Top 25 Kid Friendly Restaurants

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With the new school year already upon us, spending family time becomes more and more difficult to plan, especially in families with varying schedules between members. Sometimes the… Read More »

He Said, She Said kids

He Said, She Said: How Kids Look at Dining Out

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Taking kids out to eat at a restaurant can be a wildly amusing (or terrifying) experience. Kids show a lot of character when their patience is tested, their… Read More »


FirstBites- Cuban

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Simply put; traditional Cuban food is a fusion of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine. But that’s like describing a decadent ice cream sundae drenched in homemade hot fudge… Read More »


Family Dine-Out Night: What Better Way to Spend Time with the Kids?

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It’s seems like it becomes more and more difficult to have dinner together as a family.  With crazy schedules that include mom working, soccer games and ballet lessons,… Read More »


A Survival Guide: Dining Out with Kids

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It’s that busy time of  the year when school starts up again and alarms fill the air. Take a breather from it all! Discover the best ways to… Read More »


Top Sandwiches of 2013

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Since its alleged creation in the mid-18th century by Englishman John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, sandwiches have become a staple food in countries across the world…. Read More »

Dining with Kids (640x427)

Dining with Kids: More Delight Than Disaster!

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It’s 6 p.m.  You’ve picked the kids up from school and are in the middle of your afternoon chauffeuring routine, hustling between ballet, soccer and swimming lessons.  Your… Read More »