Verified diner logo-final is proud to offer Verified Diner Reviews, honest feedback from actual diners–you won’t find any fake reviews or posers here! Here’s how it works:

  • A diner uses Certificate with our free app or with a printout from our site.
  • After the certificate is used, the diner receives an email asking about the experience with a short survey and 1 – 5 star rating.
  • Then, our team verifies the review and posts it on for other diners to see as they select a restaurant.


It’s a matter of trust. Unfortunately, some feedback sites let anyone write a review, whether the person dined there or not…which could lead to misleading reviews–good or bad. We’ve even heard of businesses that pay people to write false reviews!

So, is proud to provide you with more than 1 million verified reviews. Our Verified Diner Reviews ensure that only folks who really dined at the restaurant can write a review about the restaurant–you can bet your next meal on it!




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