Verified diner logo-final offers Verified Reviews and Ratings focused exclusively on the dining experience, allowing diners to rely on honest feedback about the things that matter most to them when choosing a restaurant to visit. Taking the public’s trust into consideration, our reviews must always meet the following criteria:

  • A diner is required to purchase and use the certificate from prior to the diner receiving an invitation to review the restaurant.
  • The diner must complete the email review and short survey, including the assignment of a 1 – 5 star rating.
  • The review must be about the food, the ambiance, the service; it is then posted for everyone to see. reviews are centered on the dining experience.

(For example, if the review is about the great deal or a bad date rather than the restaurant itself, it may not be posted.)


In a time when trust in advertising has fluctuated between different forms (traditional print, online, e-mail, social media, etc…), online user reviews have taken a big hit to their overall reputation because some businesses are desperate enough to pay customers to write positive restaurant reviews  for them and others hire sketchy agencies willing to create false reviews to improve the reputations of their establishment (sometimes without dining in that restaurant at all or not even residing in this county).  This distrust in online reviews has led to courtroom debates about false advertising and more pointed legal crackdowns. These are just some of the reasons why is proud to provide you with more than 1 million verified restaurant diner reviews and ratings.’s Verified Diner Ratings and Reviews ensure that only people who have actually dined at a restaurant within our program can write a review, eliminating the risk for anonymous web users posting fake reviews on our site.



The short answer is almost everyone. Did you realize that restaurant industry job growth has outpaced the overall economy in 13 consecutive years, from 2000 to 2012? The restaurant industry has grown in both profits and human capital in the last ten years, with projections estimating a further hiring of 1.3 million restaurant industry employees in the next ten years. This growth in new restaurants across the country leads to a greater need to distinguish between the best available restaurant options with reliable, genuine online restaurant reviews.

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