Are you tired of giving the same gifts year in and year out or could just use some fresh ideas on how to tailor gifts for people on your list? Enter, where you can find quality gift options and gift packaging ideas for just about anyone. Do something creative with the the gift card you plan to give, shaping it into a themed gift basket by cuisine or by entertainment interest. Make sure to extend your thanks to the people who make your weekly routine and daily responsibilities easier throughout the year.  Check Specials by throughout the holidays for fun entertainment deals, special restaurant offerings and savings on consumer products and services. Here are some of The Dish’s top posts for holiday gifting.


Gift Card Wrapping: A recent National Retail Federation study has predicted that consumers will spend the most money to date on gift cards for this year’s holiday season. Easily one of the most popular gifted items each Christmas, more than 80 percent of shoppers this year will likely purchase a gift card this shopping season, with the average shopper estimated to spend an average of around $163. 16 on gift cards this year. Gift Cards work great as holiday gifts and stocking stuffers, and they are redeemable at thousands of restaurants nationwide.  For unique ways to wrap, package and present your gift cards this holiday season, read our gift card wrapping blog post on The Dish.

Xmas-list-Isolated for Everyone: Have you made your list and checked it twice this holiday season? You may have your parents and the in-laws squared away, but what about a little sign of appreciation for the garbage man or your dry cleaner. The Dish presents a list of people who you should consider adding to your Christmas list this year.

 HolidayGG_Bundle_noheaderA Gift Bundle Guide: Another great way to give gift cards is by packaging them together with larger gift baskets and bundles. You can try putting a gift basket together by cuisine (adding regional drinks, candies and spices to your gift offering) or tailor your gift bundle to your gift recipient’s personality. Maybe they’re a movie buff or a romantic involved in a budding relationship; you can pick gift and accessories that fit their interests and lifestyles. For’s complete gift bundle guide, see our blog post on The Dish.


Which new people and service industry workers will make your Christmas list this year? How do you like to wrap and package gift cards as Christmas presents? Tell us in the comments below.