Thought you wanted a burger when you really wanted Thai?  No problem! You can now exchange certificates online with just a few easy clicks. has an Easy & FREE Exchange policy. If you change your mind after selecting a restaurant, we will gladly exchange your unused restaurant certificate for a new one – no questions asked!

It’s always been our policy, but now we’ve made it even easier with three quick steps:

  1. Visit the “My Account” section,
  2. Find the certificate you wish to exchange
  3. Click “Exchange”

You’ll be asked to confirm that your certificate has not been used, and if you’d like to redeem the amount now or later. If you select REDEEM NOW, you can select a different restaurant right away. If you select REDEEM LATER, you’ll receive a Card of equal value in your account.

Our customer service team will also gladly assist you with this process, but now you have the option to complete an exchange on your own, any time.

It’s never been easier to purchase and use certificates!