We all love the holly jolly of the holidays…the lights, the food, the family, the football. But let’s be honest, sometimes all that hustle and bustle gets to be a little overwhelming. Remembering to dot all your I’s and cross all those T’s, getting to your child’s holiday performance at the right time on the right day while attempting to pick out hostess gifts for the umpteen parties you’ll be attending between now and January 1st. Not to mention remembering to defrost the turkey. Yikes…

Let’s just all take a minute to pause and let out a collective siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. You feel better now, don’t you?

Here’s the good news, Restaurant.com is here to help make those crazy moments a little less stressful. Whether you’re trying to find dinner on the fly or in the need for a last minute gift, we’ve got your back!

Running Errands – Getting out and about this time of year is inevitable. Between the groceries and the gift shopping, you’re bound be stuck in a line or two whether in a store or on the road. Take some time to treat yourself to a meal without worrying about going over on your holiday budget. You can use your Restaurant.com mobile app to find great restaurants right where you are, any day, any time.

Dining Out Before Thanksgiving – We’re all going to be doing a lot of eating these next few weeks, and many of us are already up to our eyeballs with plans for the stovetop and oven for Thursday’s day of thanks celebration. Take the chance to let someone else plate a masterpiece for you, and better yet, let them do the dishes too when you head out with a Restaurant.com Gift Cert to your favorite local restaurant. Why not try one of our larger denominations and take the whole family with you? Just remember to save some room for the next day’s noshing while you’re out!

Combat Shopping Exhaustion – We totally encourage shopping till you drop, just as long as you take us with you to help get your energy up when you do. Whether you plan to end a busy day of shopping with a stop at your favorite Restaurant.com restaurant, or take our mobile app with you for a mid-day meal in between your favorite Black Friday stops, we’re here to make sure you have all the mojo you need to make it through your marathon shopping excursions!

Last Minute Hostess Gifts – Forgot to pick up a hostess gift for tonight’s holiday get together? No worries, we’ve got your back! A few simple seconds of searching for a restaurant or cuisine that will make your hostess’ taste buds tingle and you’re totally covered. You can purchase a Gift Certificate, print it up and personalize it with a nice card for the perfect way of saying, “Thanks for all your hard work, the party was great!”

On The Road – Don’t settle for greasy bags of fast food during your trip to the in-laws this season. Restaurant.com has thousands of restaurants perfect for stops in between here, there and anywhere. You can plan ahead and print up certificates for restaurants you know are on your way, or use our mobile app to find a great new stop that’s just down the road when hunger strikes!

What’s your favorite way to use Restaurant.com during the busy holiday season? Share your ideas below!