As we usher in a new year, The Dish Team is taking stock of our dining out habits and resolving to make a few changes. Take a look at what we’re doing, then hop on our dining resolution bandwagon!


I am resolving to make 2012 a year of healthy eating. Yes, this Italian girl is going to eat more vegetables! The best part about my dining resolution is that it “should” be easy because so many restaurants have healthy options. However, choosing steamed veggies over garlic mashed potatoes may be a bit difficult. But, I’m sticking to it this year, and thankfully I have The Dish team ensure that I keep my word. That’s right, team; I’m choosing a side salad over a side of cheese fries at lunch.


My dining resolution is to stop going to the same five restaurants every time someone asks me where I’d like to dine.  Yes, they are my favorites for a reason, but there are SO many restaurants in Chicago.  My goal is to stop defaulting back to the familiar favorites and branch out to try new places instead.  I’ve made it mygoal to try at least one new restaurant each month.


As 2012 rolls on in, I realize there are a lot of fabulous places in the city I have yet to venture into over the last year. As much as I love going to my favorite familiar spots, this year I want to be a bit more adventurous. Since I haven’t had much experience with ethnic foods – I’m thinking Moroccan and Indian foods are a great place to start!


In 2012, I resolve to try dishes in restaurants that I normally wouldn’t make at home.  I am always drawn to delicious sounding items that I know and love. But the truth is I can make an amazing pork chop or whip up a batch of butternut squash ravioli at home any day. This year, I will try options at restaurants that require more time or effort than my kitchen is willing to deal with. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the dish and who knows, maybe I’ll be inspired to make my own.


In 2012 I am going to make an effort to try new restaurants as often as possible.  I find myself going to the same restaurants way too often because they are comfortable and I know what to expect once I get there.  This really limits the breadth of dining experiences that I could be having.  Even though every new restaurant I go to may not be a home run, I am sure that I will at least find a few new favorites and create some great new dining memories.

What dining decisions are you making this year? Share your resolutions below!