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This month, we’re saying “sayonora” to same old and taking a trip to the Orient to highlight the unique flavors of Japanese cuisine.  One of the most well-known Japanese dishes is sushi, but there are a multitude of other options on the menu at Japanese restaurants that cater to a wide variety of palates

.Traditional Japanese meals usually consist of a rice or noodle base, soup, and a fish, meat, vegetable or tofu dish.  Most diners will be familiar with the ubiquitous Japanese seasoning, soy sauce, but other common additions include miso and dashi.

Presentation is also a key ingredient in Japanese cuisine. The way the food is arranged, right down to the garnish and the dishes upon which food is served are a carefully considered part of the culinary experience.

You can learn more about this unique cuisine and search for Japanese restaurants in your area by checking out this month’s Behind The Menu here.

For those of you who are already familiar with Japanese cuisine, do you have a favorite dish or restaurant?