We’re not knocking waffles covered in butter and maple syrup, but this edition of the Dish is dedicated to waffle toppings, flavors and sandwiches. And, we’re also letting you in on a little secret (the difference between Belgian waffles and American waffles!).

Belgian waffles are known for its deep pockets, tangy flavor, and lightness that you can’t find in an American waffle. Since the Belgian waffles are lighter and thicker, they can accommodate fruits, whipped cream, chocolate, Nutella and butter. American waffles are made from a batter leavened and tend to be crispier. They are served with fried chicken, butter, syrup, or powdered sugar.

But waffles aren’t just for breakfast! They’re an awesome blank canvas for literally anything – sweet, savory, or both! Here are some unique ways chefs are giving waffles an aromatic makeover:


Waffles on the menu commonly come with strawberries, jam, fruit, chocolate sauce, bananas, whipped cream, or sugar.

Waffle Toppings

Of course, fruits like apples and berries atop these breakfast treats, but some unexpected flavors work nicely, such as ricotta, zucchini, and even pumpkin spice!


Fried Chicken and Waffles is a delicious combo of meaty, crunchy, savory, and sweet (all on one plate!). In our opinion, there’s nothing quite like light and airy homemade waffles, served with crispy fried chicken and drizzled in homemade maple syrup. The question isn’t what’s so good about this unlikely pairing – it’s what isn’t good?

Chicken and Waffles


Who needs a bun? Waffle sandwiches just make sense. Two pieces of sweet and savory waffles pressed between grilled chicken, bacon and cheddar? Say no more. They’re so tasty… that when you spot one on the menu, we suggest you order it NOW! You’ll find combinations, such as:

  • Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich
  • Pulled Pork Cornbread Waffles
  • Peanut Butter and Jam Waffles
  • Egg, Cheddar and Bacon Waffle Breakfast Sandwich
  • Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Waffle Sandwich

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