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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we can’t wait to celebrate with our favorite ladies over one of our favorite meals…brunch!  Let’s be honest, in addition delicious stacks of syrupy griddle goods and pie crusts filled with savory egg creations, one of the absolute best parts of brunch is the beverages!  Whether you’re enjoying a mug full of something foamy or a bubbly stemmed glass, we have a list of Sip Tips that will help maximize your brunch experience every time!

Let’s start with those beverages that will wake you up and get your juices flowing. Namely, coffee. If you think all javas are created equal, you’re wrong. When headed to a local diner or restaurant, chances are you’ll encounter pot upon pot of drip coffee. Look for cafes or restaurants that feature specialty beans for an even tastier mug. Drip coffee is very similar to what you’re likely used to drinking at home, but as with most things, it tastes even better when you don’t have to do the brewing yourself.

For a real treat, try an espresso based beverage like a Latte or Café Ole. The real difference between espresso and drip coffee is the fineness of the coffee grounds and the brewing time/water pressure. Espresso grounds are much finer than drip grounds and produced when nearly boiling water is pushed very quickly through the grounds. The result is a liquid that is much thicker and stronger than drip coffee. As the weather turns warmer, look for cold pressed iced coffee on your favorite brunch menus. Cold pressed coffee is made by soaking grounds in cold water for an extended period of time, producing a slightly sweet and very strong glass of coffee.

For those non-coffee drinkers out there, we suggest you jump on the tea bandwagon. Specialty teas, gourmet leaves and personal infuser mugs or pots are all the rage at many trendy brunch spots. Ask your server for advice on how long to brew your tea if you’re experimenting with a new leaf. Some teas should steep for less than a minute!  Iced teas are one of our favorite spring and summer brunch beverages. They’re delicious straight, but are also especially good when combined with fruity syrups, fruit juices and even certain kinds of flavored sodas!

For those looking to put a different kind of pep in your step, we recommend the Bloody Mary. In its purest form, this drink is made with tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice and Worcester Sauce, but the variations on this mix are virtually limitless. Some of our favorite extra ingredients include: horseradish, beer, jalapeños, bacon (yes, BACON), pickle juice, seasoning salt, hot sauce (we love a healthy splash of Cholula), olives, celery, salami, cheese cubes, and so much more! Do yourself a favor and find a restaurant with a Sunday morning Bloody Mary bar. Then grab a glass and find your perfect mix. Come on, it’s an experiment; which means you’re totally making your high school science teacher proud…while…you…drink!

If you want to get your dose of Vitamin C, try ordering a Mimosa! This combination of sparkling wine and orange juice is light and fresh. You can also determine how sweet your drink is by pairing the juice with different kinds of Champagne. Brut will be the driest wine, leading to the least sweet beverage. Cuvees and Roses are sweeter. You can also go way out of the box and order a Bellini, the Mimosa’s pretty pink cousin. This combination of sparkling wine or Champagne and peach puree is the perfect way to start your day! Looking for something simpler, try a glass of Champagne or sparkling wine with a splash of St. Germaine, an elderflower liquor. Trust us; your taste buds will thank you.

For all the vodka lovers out there, try a Screwdriver. Orange juice and vodka make a refreshing beverage. You can also ask the bartender to use flavored vodka like cranberry or peach for a delicious twist on this classic beverage.  And if tequila is your preferred poison, then stick with the orange juice theme and try a Tequila Sunrise. This pretty cocktail combines tequila, orange juice and grenadine (cherry juice) for a citrusy sweet start to your day.

Finally, we know that there are those of you who are beer people through and through. If you’re looking to pair your eggs benedict with a cold brew, we recommend sticking with a lighter or fruitier beer. Try a Pale Ale or a fruity Wheat Beer like Blue Moon with an orange wedge. Shandies also make great brunch beverages. This combination of lemonade and beer is refreshing and light, with just the right amount of sour from the lemonade.

Do you love a brunch beverage we haven’t mentioned? Share it below! Cheers!