Just because your summer vacation plans fizzled doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some summer fun that sizzles.  We prescribe you a healthy dose of Staycation – a remedy available nationwide, with proven results.  That’s right, folks: you don’t need to leave town to take a load off.  Try these simple tips for a summer-time pick-me-up!

1. Check into a hotel – It might seem silly to some, but checking into a hotel in your own town really is a mini vacation.  You’ll enjoy all the perks of a trip (maids, room service, concierge) without the hassle of traveling.  Plus, great rates on last-minute local hotel stays are relatively easy to come by.  We recommend checking out our travel partner for deals near you.

2. Hit the pool – Another major perk to a local hotel stay is the swimming pool.  If you have kids, you already know the power of the pool.  They will stay happy and entertained for hours and then be exhausted – giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner or quiet drinks at the hotel bar.  No kids?  Enjoy sunning yourself on a chaise lounge or spend some time in the hot tub and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation in no time.

3. Try an Exotic Cuisine – Can’t afford the trip to Greece this year?  Try a trip to a Greek restaurant instead. helps you locate restaurants with dozens of exotic cuisines. Just use the filter options located on the left side of the screen.  Using a certificate to sample new fare is always a great idea – if it turns out that gyros aren’t for you, you will have saved enough to pick up a pizza on the way home!

4.  Be a Local Tourist – If you’re like most people I know, you’ve never visited the touristy landmarks in your own town (or haven’t been since elementary school field trips)!  Become a tourist for the day and visit the landmarks, museums or famous restaurants that bring visitors to your town.  You’ll learn a thing or two and get to see another side of your city.  Tip: Check out our travel guides to find restaurants nearby landmarks in major cities.

5. Turn the Day Upside Down – Shake things up by having an upside down day.  Treat the kids to pizza for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.  Watch a movie in the morning and go to the park at night.  Order a fancy meal for takeout and eat in the backyard for a picnic.  Changing things up for a day is a fun way to break your routine and make you feel like you’ve had a day “away.”  Tip: Search the menus on to find restaurants that serve breakfast all day.

6. Dine (or Drink) Outside – There’s just something about being seated outside on a beautiful day.  Even if it’s only during your lunch break, a meal in the fresh air is relaxing and reinvigorating.  This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to feel like you’re on a getaway during your staycation.  Search for the best outdoor restaurants, patios, cafes, rooftop bars and beer gardens near you, or check out our top 100 most popular restaurants with outdoor dining here.

What tips do you have for enjoying a staycation?  Tell us in the comments section below!