Welcome to We are Kenneth Chessick, MD, JD, the CEO and a creator of in 1999, and Aaron Horowitz, President. Your certificate gives you valuable, special rights, rights which are expanding daily. Your certificate gives you the right to enjoy great deals on tens of thousands of restaurants AND now thousands of prepared meals and foods delivered to your home and other products and services. Our mission at is to "do good for others and do well for yourself." We enable our patrons to enjoy great meals and food in restaurants and in your home, while saving a lot of money. We help our restaurant and food outlet owners and businesses thrive and prosper with more than 500,000 deals daily, and we help people earn money and have fun in the process.

EXCITING & NEW #1: DINE@HOME has launched Dine@Home, a new, exciting way to enjoy the best of meals and foods delivered to you at your home, wherever you live. In addition to the over 21,000 Dine-Out restaurants from which to choose to eat out, our Dine@Home partners will prepare and deliver delicious meals and food, as well as a wide variety of food related services to you in the comfort of your own home, while saving you a lot of money. The Dine@Home meals and food delivered to your home include gourmet meals, completely prepared or complete with ingredients you cook and individual foods you select, in addition to a wide variety of other foods and beverages. Want a 1600 calorie meal delivered for a week or month? Want gluten-free, low sodium, or low fat foods? Want the best steaks, chocolates, pastries, pasta, cookies, or wine? They are all a click away, to be sent to your home, AND you will save $25, $50, $100, or more. After all,’s motto is "Best Deal, Every Meal." Whether your meal is prepared by one of our terrific more than 21,000 Dine-Out restaurant chefs or delicious foods delivered to your home from one of our terrific Dine@Home chefs, we provide great eating experiences. The variety of choices is impressive and constantly growing.

EXCITING & NEW #2: DEALS BEYOND MEALS has also launched Deals Beyond Meals, a new, exciting way to enjoy other products and services beyond food, such as pet supplies, veterinarian services, kennels, gift baskets, flowers, and jewelry, some delivered to your home and others in locations near where you live.


Using our new Dine@Home and Deals Beyond Meals options are easy. Click on the Dine@Home or Deals Beyond Meals tab and browse the many choices available nationally or locally. Visit their website and pick out the best choices from the many ways to have great food and products delivered and determine the best discount for you. Return to and buy your certificate. Return to the website of the Dine@Home or Deals Beyond Meals supplier and apply the certificate at their checkout. Save $25, $50, $100, or more on your purchase. Your meal or food may be shipped to you or get your products and services redeemed locally. Your certificate never expires and can be exchanged for any deal online for free.


Your certificate immediately entitles you to valuable, important rights, including the right to get a significant discount on a meal and other foods at any of our more than 21,000 Dine-Out restaurants and thousands of Dine@Home and Deals Beyond Meals partners. Exercise this right to a discount yourself, give it to a friend, or even frame it. Your certificate never expires, and you have the right to exchange it for other Dine-Out restaurants, Dine@Home or Deals Beyond Meals providers at no cost at any time. Check out their menus, owner description, hours of operation, telephone number, location and directions, and read Verified Reviews from other people who have personally enjoyed that provider.

We are constantly adding Dine-Out restaurants, Dine@Home partners, and Deals Beyond Meals providers, so the benefits of your certificate constantly increase. Check our website for new Dine-Out restaurants, Dine@Home, and Deals Beyond Meals partners every day. We notify you of new Dine-Out restaurants in your area and Dine@Home and Deals Beyond Meals providers. Our Dine-Out restaurant owners, Dine@Home, and Deals Beyond Meals providers want every certificate to be used, which helps everyone: helps you get a bargain on a great meal; helps the Dine-Out restaurant owner who gets you as a diner; helps the Dine@Home and Deals Beyond Meals provider who gets a new customer; and helps the business owner who may have given you the experience get a new customer. is proud that we do good for others and do well for ourselves. Watch this video to learn more about

Your certificates are stored on our website and really cool App, where they can never be lost, misplaced, stolen, or forgotten. Even if some random dog eats your printed copy (apparently dogs love homework and our tasty certificates), yours survive without drool or teeth marks in your account. Download our really useful App, and exercise another of your rights: immediate access to your account and your indestructible certificates from your smart phone. Download our app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

More about your rights as an owner of a certificate. Your rights include the ability to provide feedback to the Verified Diner Reviews. After you dine at our Dine-Out restaurant, Dine@Home provider, and Deals Beyond Meals partner, we want your opinion. Share with your fellow savvy users what you liked (the food, the ambiance, the staff) and what you did not like. Your Verified Review helps your fellow savvy users and our Dine-Out restaurant owners, Dine@Home providers, and Deals Beyond Meals partners. Join us in doing good for others and doing well for yourself.


One of the comments I often hear from customers and owners is "It sounds too good to be true." The fact is that everyone wins with is a unique, 21st century, digital marketing program, which reaches tens of millions of diners every month through computers, tablets, and smartphones. Our Dine-Out restaurants, Dine@Home, and Deals Beyond Meals providers want your business! They want new customers to try them, to tell their family and friends, to spread their message, to spend money, and to help them prosper. To make that happen, our partners happily provide our savvy customers a great deal. is a great deal for the restaurants and other businesses. guarantees them 100% free marketing and advertising for our Dine-Out restaurants, Dine@Home and Deals Beyond Meals providers and guarantees a profit with zero risk and no long term commitment. Our Dine-Out restaurant owners, Dine@Home providers, and Deals Beyond Meals partners want you to get a great deal. They love it! You do good for them and do well for yourself.

Advertising and marketing is extremely expensive for all businesses, but provides those valuable services to the businesses FOR FREE in exchange for giving a great deal to you, the savvy customer. We only require that the Dine-Out Restaurants, Dine@Home providers, and Deals Beyond Meals partner provide a CASH DISCOUNT TO OUR SAVVY CUSTOMERS. Our customers get a Great Deal on a Great Meal, and the businesses get new customers and make money. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true. With, everybody wins!


We are a powerful 21st century marketing program on the cutting edge of today’s technology which connects business owners and today’s savvy consumers. Advertising and marketing methods are all very expensive, often prohibitively so, and frequently obsolete in today’s digital world. Newspaper ads, billboards, and radio and television advertising can cost tens of thousands of dollars. is unique, because WE GUARANTEE NEW CUSTOMERS, WHO WILL INCREASE YOUR REVENUE AND GENERATE PROFITS, ALL FOR FREE. You have no long-term commitment and can change, modify, or withdraw from our marketing program whenever you wish. You never even provide a discount to our customer until we send you our customer. You never pay a penny. You have no risk. Give us a try. was founded in 1999 and is today a 21st century marketing company which uses the power of the today’s digital technology to connect savvy customers with restaurants and our providers. We guarantee that our Dine-Out restaurants, Dine@Home providers, and Deals Beyond Meals partners will prosper with no risk and with no long term commitment. Every successful Dine-Out restaurant, Dine@Home provider and Deals Beyond Meals partner needs new customers, and guarantees that we will send new customers and encourage prior customers to return, all without ever paying a penny – ever. Let me repeat that: YOU WILL NEVER PAY RESTAURANT.COM FOR MARKETING YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TO MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS. Not a penny – ever.

Our internet format enables viral marketing. We encourage our happy consumers to send emails, photographs, text messages, and posts on social media about your products to other potential customers, their family and friends. Every satisfied customer is exponentially multiplied by family and friends, and the Dine-Out restaurant, Dine@Home provider and Deals Beyond Meals partner gain new customers. enables our successful 21st century partners to access the internet marketing we provide. Learn more about how we help Dine-Out restaurants and Dine@Home providers in this video.


The FREE ADVERTISING and MARKETING provides reduces the expenses of the Dine-Out restaurant, Dine@Home provider and Deals Beyond Meals partner. Other types of advertising and marketing cost tens of thousands of dollars, but with, our advertising and marketing program is FREE. Empty tables and website visits not made are costly. further reduces the overhead costs of empty tables by filling those costly empty tables with diners who generate revenue. Building and maintaining a website is expensive, but unless you drive traffic and new customers to your website, that expense is wasted. drives customers to your restaurants and to your websites, which makes you money on every empty table, because our diners are required to spend at least twice the face value of the certificate.

The average customer who uses a $25 certificate spends $74 in restaurants, ensuring that you make a profit on our certificates. The vast majority of customers spend significantly more than the minimum required, which guarantees the restaurant profit from every diner, all while gaining many new diners. "You never go broke making a profit" is wisdom my father taught me. helps our Dine-Out restaurants, Dine@Home and Deals Beyond Meals owners by providing free, personalized, digital dashboards, which provide important data for managing their business. Owners learn the amount spent by each party, the number of diners in each party, their email addresses, their characteristics, and the amount of money and profit made from partnering with Our free, expert, valuable online monthly newsletter improves the Dine-Out restaurant, Dine@Home, and Deals Beyond Meals operations. We provide the owner with options of other, low cost marketing tools and services, including text messaging, email messaging, website development and consultations. We are dedicated to the success of the Dine-Out restaurants, Dine@Home and Deals Beyond Meals owners and all of their employees.

Our Dine-Out restaurant, Dine@Home providers and Deals Beyond Meals partners have zero risk by joining our program and no long term commitment. The Dine-Out restaurant, Dine@Home and Deals Beyond Meals owner may suspend or terminate participation at any time, merely by contacting us. If an owner calls us, we immediately remove them from our directory and stop selling certificates for a week, a month, or forever; you decide. The Dine-Out restaurant, Dine@Home and Deals Beyond Meals owner must honor the outstanding certificates which have previously been sold to customers, which is only fair to our customer.

Participation with absolutely no risk or long term commitment is that simple. The average restaurant on our program stays on our program for years, powerful testimony to their satisfaction and how helps them achieve success. Some restaurants have participated in our program for more than a decade.


  1. Increase your sales and your profits!
  2. Build a website for every Dine-Out restaurant, Dine@Home, and Deals Beyond Meals provider in our online directory
  3. Advertise and market the Dine-Out restaurants, Dine@Home, and Deals Beyond Meals providers to millions of customers every month
  4. Drive new customers to you, who will send you more customers
  5. Entice prior customers to return
  6. Build a restaurant performance dashboard
  7. Provide access to a suite of Partner Advantage marketing solutions
  8. Never charge the Dine-Out restaurant, Dine@Home, or Deals Beyond Meals provider a penny.
  9. No risk by joining
  10. No long term commitment; exit at any time
  11. MAKE YOU MORE MONEY! is in the business of helping people. We guarantee that we will help the Dine-Out restaurants, Dine@Home and Deals Beyond Meals providers thrive at absolutely no risk. Now is the time to increase revenue and profits. Don’t wait. Contact us right now at and make your restaurant more profitable and MAKE MORE MONEY.

RESTAURANT.COM HELPING BUSINESS DIVISION’s Helping Business Division enables other businesses to do well and thrive by enhancing the value of their product and services without resorting to discounting. Giving Gift Cards to your customers and employees makes your product and services more valuable at a fraction of the cost.

In 2003, we created our Helping Business Division of and have enabled businesses to attract millions of new customers, entice all customers to spend more, and show customers and employees that they are appreciated. We have grown over the seventeen years, because we guarantee that we help businesses to thrive, gain new customers, motivate customers to spend more money and generate revenue, all with no long term commitment. Our high-value, low-cost Gift Cards enhance the value of the business’ products or services, generate more customers, and the business make more money. Every business needs new customers to spend more money. Gift Cards attract more customers who spend more money and increase profits.

Our Gift Cards are proven to help businesses of all sizes, large and small. Familiar businesses which have used our marketing and advertising tools include My Coke Rewards, Orbitz, Staples, United Airlines, ACE Hardware, T-Mobile, Florida Power, and Destination Maternity. Our programs work for them, and they will work for you.

Our Gift Cards help our partners "close the deal" by enhancing the value of their products and services without resorting to harmful discounting. Our Gift Cards are purchased in bulk by businesses at a fraction of their face value. The more Gift Cards purchased, the better the price. We are flexible, and businesses can buy only the Gift Cards they need, which can be purchased before the promotion or even after their customer calls or responds to the promotion. Businesses use our Gift Cards to encourage in-home estimate for window replacement, air conditioning, and plumbing. Realtors use our Gift Cards to reward home sellers to list their house for sale. Tax preparers show their appreciation to customers. Apartment building owners use our Gift Cards to motivate tenants to pay their rent in advance. Car dealers give Gift Cards to encourage a potential buyer comes in for a test drive. Some businesses use Gift Cards to motivate existing customers to convert from paper invoices and bills to digital, paperless billing, or in exchange for reward points. Some give customers a $50 Gift Card in return for switching to paperless billing or renewing club membership in retail outlets and health clubs.

Some businesses use Gift Cards to create incentives for customers to spend more money. Some business owners offer their customers a $50 Gift Card when they spend $50 or more for their products or services. The business owners decide which offer best meets their needs, when, and how many times and ways to run their promotions. There is no long term commitment. Gift Cards are useful for customer retention. When customer service problems occur, some businesses keep their valued customer happy by combining an apology with a Gift Card. Some businesses use Gift Cards to reward successful employees and for employee retention. A great deal on a great meal goes a long way to keep people happy. Watch this video to learn more and contact us at today.


  1. Promote your products and services to new and prior customers – at no cost
  2. Drive new customers to you – at no cost
  3. “Close the deal” with our Gift Cards
  4. No long term commitment; exit the program at any time
  5. Satisfied new customers will in turn send more customers
  6. Increase your revenue
  7. Increase your profits

Thank you for your interest in Our dedicated employees are eager to help you do good for others and do well for yourself. I encourage you to provide feedback to

Do you have family or friends who own restaurants or businesses? If your family and friends can benefit from any of our programs for Helping Restaurants or Helping Business, please forward this to them and post this opportunity to your social media contacts. You will help them improve their lives. Helping people is what we are all about at Our mission: Do good for others and do well for yourself.

Kenneth C. Chessick, MD, JD

Aaron Horowitz