Welcome to Restaurant.com. Your Restaurant.com certificate gives you valuable, special rights, including the right to enjoy great deals on tens of thousands of local, independently owned, neighborhood restaurants and thousands of prepared meals and foods delivered to your home. Our mission at Restaurant.com is to “do good for others and do well for yourself.” Our patrons enjoy great meals and food in restaurants and in your home, while saving a lot of money.


Your Restaurant.com certificate entitles you to valuable rights, including the right to get a significant discount on a meal and other foods at any of our tens of thousands of independent, neighborhood restaurants and Dine@Home partners. Exercise this right to a discount personally or give it to friends and family. Your Restaurant.com certificate never, ever expires. Exchange it for other participating restaurants at no cost at any time. Learn about the restaurant on our website, including the menu, the owner or chef, hours of operation, telephone number, location and directions, photographs, and more. Read the Verified Reviews from other people who have personally enjoyed that restaurant, or not.

We add new restaurants and meal providers every day, so the value of your certificate increases every day. Our restaurant partners want you to use your Restaurant.com certificate and dine with them. You get a great deal on a great meal, and the restaurant gets a valued, repeat customer. Watch this video to learn more about Restaurant.com.

Your Restaurant.com certificates can never be lost, misplaced, stolen, or forgotten and are stored in your account on our website and App. Download our app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

As the owner of a Restaurant.com certificate, you have the right to provide feedback to the Verified Diner Reviews. After you dine at our partner restaurant, express your opinion and share it with your fellow Restaurant.com users. How was the food, the staff, the ambiance, and the service? Your Verified Review helps both your fellow Restaurant.com users and our restaurant partners.


When you buy a $25 certificate for a specific restaurant for $10 (or less when we have a promotion) and enjoy a meal, simply show your certificate (on your smartphone or by printing the certificate), and the restaurant will deduct $25 from your bill. You are required to spend twice the face amount (e.g., $50 on a $25 certificate), which two people dining almost always do. This minimum spend may vary, according to the individual restaurant. Order anything on the menu with no restrictions in most cases. Some days might be excluded at some restaurants. You save $25 off the bill. The process is that simple.


Your local, independent restaurant gives this discount, because they want you as its customer. Restaurant.com is the #1 marketing program for independent, neighborhood restaurants. Restaurant.com is a unique, 21st century, digital marketing program expressly for neighborhood restaurants, which reaches local diners every month through computers, tablets, and smartphones. Restaurant.com’s marketing supports neighborhood restaurants and help your local economy. Your neighborhood restaurant gets a new customer, who tells their family and friends, enabling the restaurant to thrive.

Marketing is very expensive for restaurants, and especially so for independent, neighborhood restaurants. Radio, television, billboards, mailed coupons, and newspaper advertising are prohibitively expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars, or more. Restaurant.com provides online marketing and advertising for our participating restaurants FOR FREE! Our participating restaurants never pay a penny to Restaurant.com, and in return for our providing marketing, they provide a discount to you, our Restaurant.com customer. That’s it.

The restaurant’s participation is voluntary and has absolutely no risk or long term commitment. The average restaurant stays on our program for years, powerful testimony to their satisfaction and how Restaurant.com helps them achieve success. Some restaurants have been in our program for more than a decade.


Restaurant.com helps businesses too. Our “Helping Business” Division enables businesses sell their products and services and increase their value without the need to discount. Businesses give Restaurant.com Cards to their customers and employees and enhance the value of their product and services at a fraction of the cost.

Restaurant.com’s high-value, low-cost Cards reward new customers and result in their customers spending more. Familiar businesses which have used our Cards include My Coke Rewards, Orbitz, Staples, United Airlines, ACE Hardware, T-Mobile, Florida Power & Light and Destination Maternity. Our programs work for them, and they will work for you.

Businesses use Restaurant.com Cards to create incentives for customers to spend more money, such as offering a $50 Restaurant.com Card when they spend $50 or more for their products or services. The business owners decide which offer best meets their needs, when, and how many times and ways to run their promotions. There is no long term commitment.

Businesses purchase Restaurant.com Cards in bulk at deep discounts off their face value. Businesses use our Cards to encourage in-home estimate for window replacement, air conditioning, roofing, and plumbing. Realtors reward home sellers for listing their house for sale. Tax preparers show their appreciation to customers. Apartment building owners use our Cards to motivate tenants to pay their rent in advance. Car dealers give our Cards to encourage a potential buyer to come in for a test drive. Businesses use our Cards to motivate existing customers to convert from paper invoices and bills to digital, paperless billing or in exchange for reward points.

Restaurant.com Cards are useful for customer retention. When customer service problems occur, some businesses keep their valued customers happy by combining an apology with a Restaurant.com Card. Restaurant.com Cards reward successful employees and enhance employee retention.


In 2017, Restaurant.com launched Better Business Cards for the 21st Century, a major evolutionary breakthrough in business cards. Double-sided business cards are worth $25, so customers keep the business card. Better Business Cards distinguish a company from its competition, collect valuable data to identify and communicate with potential customers, start a dialogue, and sell the product/service. Watch this video to learn more about Better Business Cards today.

Thank you for your interest in Restaurant.com. Our dedicated Restaurant.com employees are eager to help you. Please provide valuable feedback to me at Ken@Restaurant.com.

Kenneth C. Chessick, MD, JD

Aaron Horowitz