Guest blogger Nicole Fisher of Nicole’s Nickels shares advice on what delicious spring vegetables to look for on menus this season!


In many parts of the country spring has sprung and brought with it warmer weather, cool breezes and even showers! Where I live in south Florida spring means rainy season and humidity – I miss the springs of my youth in the Northeast!

This is the time of year for fresh vegetables with bright flavors such as mint, asparagus, artichokes, and peas! Even non-vegetable lovers will love these very flavorful profiles added to their favorite menu items!

Even if you have a household full of picky eaters who refuse to eat green vegetables you can find spring dishes at your favorite restaurants with flavor veggie additions. Look for menu items with sweet spring peas. Peas kick up the flavor a notch and give you a daily dose of nutrients! Many restaurants are adding fresh peas to macaroni and cheese or other pasta plates for a brighter dish that’s good for you.  You can also find cut up asparagus pieces in salads for an extra crunch. Do At Home Tip: I like to shave the bottoms of the asparagus to take away the harder outside shell.  This lets you use more of the asparagus with less waste.  I use a simple vegetable peeler to shave the asparagus.

Speaking of asparagus, have you ever tried white asparagus? It’s a delicacy and something I ate many times when I was studying in Germany.  You can find white asparagus here in the U.S. but only during a short period of time.  It has a slightly different taste than green asparagus and makes a great addition to your spring table! Restaurants will often pair white asparagus with fish dishes like salmon or tilapia. Try it while you’re out next time you see it!

Artichokes are another spring vegetable that is very versatile and incredibly popular on restaurant menus. Chefs love to pack these veggies full of different stuffing like savory pancetta and parsley or a sweeter ricotta and raisin.  You can order a plain grilled or steamed artichoke with lemon mint dressing or even artichoke salad or artichoke lasagna.

So while it’s warming up outside and the flowers are blooming and the birds chirping, add some spring to your order and make peas, asparagus, artichokes and more a part of your dining repertoire!

Nicole FisherNicole Fisher is a Blog Ambassador and the brains behind Nicole’s Nickels. She started the site in February 2009 to bring all of the great deals she was finding to her friends and family and then it took off! Since then she has continued her full-time day job as an attorney while blogging in the evenings and on weekends. Nicole’s Nickels has evolved into a site that lets you know about great new products and services! She helps her clients during the days at the non-profit she works for and then her Nicole’s Nickels readers learn about the best new products for their families! She lives in south/central Florida and has 2 cute dogs and an amazing husband who has a spunky 6 year old they get to spend a lot of time with.