Dining out this Super Bowl Sunday rather than hosting your own super soiree? If you’re leaving the spilled beer, smeared buffalo wing sauce and pizza crumbs to someone else to clean up this year, here are a few tips to make your Super Bowl dining experience a winning one.

– Search for a team-themed bar/restaurant – Many bars (especially in big cities) support certain teams. So, if you’re cheering on the Giants this year, you may want to avoid a venue full of Tom Brady fans!
– Call ahead – Find out if your Super Bowl spot takes reservations. If they do, touchdown! If not, ask if you can put your name on the waiting list ahead of time.
– Arrive early (if tip 2 doesn’t work out) – Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. ET, so to ensure you get the best seat in the house, arrive at least an hour early. To really gauge your time appropriately, call the restaurant to get an idea of how quickly they will fill up and how much seating is available (especially if they don’t take reservations.)
– Bring a friend to save seats – Send at least one or two people to your destination before everyone else to snag a table and chairs. If you’re going to a bar-like venue, fans will be rushing for bar stools and chairs as they become available. Make sure you’ve got your group covered. Bring extra jackets, sweatshirts, bags and whatever else you may need to prevent a seat interception.
– Pace yourself – Remember, the Super Bowl is a long game – longer commercials, longer commentary and a halftime show. So, don’t order your food all at once. Instead, order appetizers to share throughout the entire length of the game. This will keep you and your Super Bowl crew full and happy, and if you’re drinking alcohol, it’s safe to keep food in your belly.
– Pay early – If you’re with a big group of people, there’s bound to be confusion when the check arrives. So, to minimize the frustration, ask for the bill early and start gathering money before the game ends. This way you can get out when you want to get out. Also, it may help to ask everyone to bring cash, or pay for drinks on their own tabs.

I hope these tips help you enjoy the big game. Though I can’t offer advice to help the Giants beat the Patriots, I hope you have a super Sunday! If you have any tips for dining out during the big game, please share them below.